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Off-Road Trail Spotlight: 13 miles 2018 HNB - Hump N Bump Trails

The 13-mile trail, also known as 13 Mile Loop, is a friendly trail going around the Logandale trail. It's the best starting point for beginners or families looking for some fun activity away from the city. The 13 Mile Loop is an access point for multiple trails with different difficulty levels.

About The Hump N Bump Trails 

The trail is only 15 miles long, with a single rock obstacle located on the south end of the Loop. It's usually run counterclockwise, but you'll find Jeeps running in both directions. The Rocky Hill is about 30 feet high, which you have to clear before you can continue with the trail.

If you're an inexperienced driver, a spotter will help you stay on track while going up the hill. After here, a little on the east, there are more optional obstacles, but this is if you want to challenge yourself more. 

The rest of the trail is a straight sandy road which you will have fun driving on at a higher speed. You can download the trail trucks for Off-Road Trail Spotlight: 13 miles 2018 HNB - Hump N Bump Trails here

As mentioned earlier, the 13 Mile Loop is more appealing to leisure drivers because it offers the most scenic views on the Logandale trail. Other than challenging yourself up the rocky hill, here are more sceneries to keep you thrilled.

The Petroglyphs

Take time to tour the two native petroglyph sites on the way up the trail. It's also a lot of fun driving through the small soft dunes found on the east side of the track. 

Hiking Near The Hump N Bump Trails

When on the 13-mile Loop, park your vehicle at a designated spot and take time to hike and explore the trails. Choose one depending on how prepared you are. The hiking trails have different levels of difficulty and length.

Other beautiful sceneries are Mount Wilson, Calico hills, the Lost Creek, Keystone Thrust Fault, and the Lost Creek.

The Red Rock Canyon is home to over 200 species of mammals. You will spot rabbits, coyotes, bighorn sheep, red-tailed hawks, burros, and golden horses. Most of these animals are indigenous to the southern Nevada area.

You can download the Off-Road Trail Spotlight: 13 miles 2018 HNB - Hump N Bump Trails on our online store, and don't forget to bring along a high-quality camera to capture all the beautiful scenery and wildlife. 

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