Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: Hells Revenge

As the premier auto-shop in Moab, we at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive have encountered lots of customers who are curious about the trails in this corner of the country. Since we love going on rock-crawling adventures, we decided to start regular trail riding events to get as many people as possible to enjoy the amazing trails in Southern Utah. Signing up for these trail rides gives you the opportunity to mingle and interact with other avid off-roaders so you can build your confidence and expertise in the outdoors.

Another reason we organize the trail rides is to get people exposed to the different kinds of trails they’d encounter when off-roading in Moab. We make sure to include a variety of trails ranging from the demanding to scenic drives and everything in between. This way everyone who takes part can have some fun while building their off-roading skills.

Read on to find out more on one of Moab’s popular off-roading trails i.e. Hell’s Revenge.

Hell’s Revenge Off Road Trail Overview

Whenever people talk about off-roading in Moab, Hell’s Revenge often crops up and with good reason. Rated 6, this is one of the iconic trails in Southern Utah, drawing avid off-roaders from all around to come and try their luck. The route comprises approximately 12 miles of off-pavement driving over steep climbs and descents as well as nerve-wracking edges that will put your driving skills to the test.

With such hazardous terrain, you can understand why this trail is recommended only for experienced drivers who know what they’re doing. If you’re planning on tackling Hell’s Revenge, ensure that your vehicle has adequate ground clearance with tires that are at least 35”. Front and rear lockers will also come in handy for additional traction on the slickrock.

Moab Off Road Trail Surface and Scenery

The various obstacles along the trail are sure to capture your attention. But if you look away from the rugged terrain, you’ll instantly be blown away by the breathtaking beauty around you. The trail affords large vistas taking in Arches National Park, the La Sal Mountains and the cliffs overlooking Moab Valley.

The trail will have you driving over different surfaces ranging from sand and broken rocks to slickrock and rock edges.

Obstacles and other Moab Trail Details 

Hell’s Revenge will grab your attention right from the start with the first climb which combines high mounds and steep descents with sheer drops on either side. Along the trail, you’ll navigate a number of sharp turns, steep climbs and harrowing descents with very little room for error.

Notable obstacles include The Escalator, Rubble Trouble, and Tip-Over Challenge. Several of these are optional and there are shortcuts or bypasses past most of them.

The trail is well marked so be sure to follow the yellow flame symbols painted on rocks to ensure you stay on the designated trail at all times. This simple responsible off-roading practice helps preserve the environment for the next generation.

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