Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: Golden Spike

There are days when you feel like heading out on the trails and tackling the toughest obstacles you can find. If this mood regularly strikes you, we invite you to sign up for our Southern Utah trail riding events to experience some of the trails that will satisfy your thirst for off-roading adventures. In fact, the most popular off-roading trails in Moab are those that give hardcore off-roaders a chance to pit their rigs against crazy obstacles.

In this article, we focus on one such trail in Moab i.e. the Golden Spike.

Golden Spike Trail Overview

Located smack dab in the middle of two other difficult trails – the Gold Bar Rim and Poison Spider Mesa– Golden Spike is not only difficult to get to but also demanding once you get there. This trail boasts a host of treacherous obstacles almost from the start to the finish and is popular with those looking for a challenging trail to tackle.

The Golden Spike is located on BLM land and is open all year round if the weather permits. The trail can’t be accessed directly from the highway and you have to drive through Gold Bar Rim from the north or Poison Spider Mesa from the south. Most of the route skirts the edges of the high cliffs overlooking the Moab Valley and offers gorgeous views and vistas in all directions.

This trail is rated a 7 and it’s well-earned, judging by the obstacles and the amount of damage they can inflict on rigs. For this reason, this trail is recommended only for experienced, veteran off-roaders who know what they’re doing. If you’re planning on tackling this trail, you’ll need a modified 4WD rig with tires that are at least 35 plus inches, with both front and rear differential lockers as well as high ground clearance. Some kind of vehicle body armor is necessary.

Golden Spike Trail Scenery and Surface

Most of the Golden Spike trail sits atop the sloping layer of Wingate Sandstone, offering great views to the north and west. While this trail isn’t often chosen for the scenery, you can still catch glimpses of the Colorado River, and the fin country that’s to the north of the Behind The Rocks area.

The trail also offers breathtaking views from the rim of the cliffs it passes over. However, this isn’t for the fainthearted or those with a fear of heights.

The easy parts of the trail comprise loose dirt and rock sections while the obstacles are mostly solid rock ledges.

Golden Spike Trail Obstacles and Details

The Golden Spike delivers one challenge after another and even the few bypasses available have a 6 rating!

Some of the notable obstacles you’re sure to encounter along the trail include the Launching Pad, Zuki Hill, The Wall, the Golden Crack, the Golden Steps, the Double Whammy, Skyline Drive and the Body Snatcher.

Once you’re done with the trail, be sure to bring your rig over to the Dixie 4 Wheel Drive auto shop in Moab for service and repair. 

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