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Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: Flat Iron Mesa

Every once in a while, we get customers or visitors to our premier auto shop in Utah who want to try out some of the popular trails in Moab. Next to making custom truck builds, we love nothing more than introducing new off-roaders to the superb off-roading opportunities in Southern Utah. We even take time to organize occasional off-roading trail rides so that we can get as many people as possible to learn about the fantastic trails in this part of the country.

While some of these visitors look for scenic drives, many more of them want to experience a challenging trail. Something that offers some exciting four-wheeling with some scenery thrown in. Today we highlight one such trail: the Flat Iron Mesa.

Flat Iron Mesa Trail Overview

Found to the south of Moab, Utah, Flat Iron Mesa wastes no time in getting you right into the action. As soon as you leave the pavement off Highway 191, you encounter a rock-studded hill and the fun starts. The trail is largely made up of lots of old trails and it combines outstanding views of several canyons with challenging four-wheeling.

Rated 6, this trail runs for 55 miles, with 17 being off-road. It’s bounded by canyons on 3 sides- Coyote Canyon to the south, Hatch Wash Canyon to the west, and Kane Springs Canyon to the north. Flat Iron Mesa definitely isn’t a trail for novice off-roaders with multiple obstacles that call for excellent driving and maneuvering skills. Your rig should have high ground clearance, enhanced suspension, rear lockers, and tires that are at least 33 inches and above.

Trail Scenery and Surface of Flat Iron Mesa

If you can look up from negotiating the obstacles, you’ll be blown away by the magnificent scenery. The different canyons and local cliffs make for perfect pictures with the La Sal Mountains in the background. Take the time to appreciate the beautiful scenery especially the canyon walls and cliffs near Muleshoe Canyon and Kane Springs. The scenic views from the rim of the 700-ft deep Hatch Canyon also shouldn’t be missed.

For most of the trail, you’ll drive on a sandy two-track road inlaid with bedrock. There are a few sections of slickrock, some loose rock, a gravel hillclimb as well as several rocky ledges.

Obstacles and other Flat Iron Mesa Trail Details

There are several obstacles to negotiate along the Flat Iron Mesa trail. This includes Tilt-A-Whirl – a 30-ft steep downhill section that sharply hooks to the right. Another notable obstacle is the Easter Egg Rock where you’ll have to squeeze your rig between a sheer rock wall and a huge egg-shaped boulder, all while straddling a large boulder underneath your vehicle and being off-camber. Getting past this obstacle without some sheet metal damage requires you to pay careful attention to your spotter. The last obstacle to encounter is a harrowing narrow section between a boulder and a sheer cliff drop just after Easter Egg Rock.

Overall, this is a trail that’s ideal for experienced off-roaders looking for some excitement.

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