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Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: Fins and Things

Moab and the surrounding area is a place of great natural beauty. The red rocks and desert-like landscape make this area ideal for all kinds of off-roading fun. When you sign up for one of Dixie 4 Wheel Drive’s Southern Utah trail rides, you get the chance to experience off-roading in this incredible environment. What’s more, you’ll get a chance to practice rock crawling on the slickrock that’s prominent in this area as well as driving on sand- sometimes both at the same time. This gives you an experience like no other.

The area around Moab is famous for its numerous off-roading trails, drawing hundreds of avid off-roaders from all around the world. We’d like to highlight one of the popular off-roading trails in Moab – Fins and Things.

Fins and Things Trail Overview

This trail gets its name from the unique sandstone rock formations prevalent throughout the route. The “Fins” are the slickrock sandstone formations themselves while the “Things” are what’s left behind after they’ve been eroded.

Located to the northeast of Moab, in the Sand Flats Recreation Area, Fins and Things is a mildly challenging trail with a rated 4. Stretching for 25 miles, 13 of which are off-road, this trail covers the territory between Negro Bill Canyon and the North Fork of Mill Creek Canyon, to the east of the Hell’s Revenge trail.

The sudden steep slickrock climbs, sometimes on or off the slickrock make it feel like you’re driving thought a giant roller coaster park. Tall tires –at least 33” and above- will give you enough ground clearance which is an added advantage when crossing this terrain.

Surface and Scenery of Fins and Things

This trail offers fascinating scenery all through, from the interesting fins to the spectacular views of the La Sal Mountains, across the sandstone domes of Sand Flats. You also can’t miss the beauty of the deep canyon system of Negro Bill Canyon.

The trail surface mostly comprises loose rock, dirt, and sand with some slickrock surfaces. This contrast keeps things interesting as you can find yourself suddenly changing from the added traction of slickrock to the trickier loose sand surface which offers considerably less grip for your tires.

Obstacles and Other Fins and Things Trail Details

Fins and Things is a trail mostly made up of steep slickrock climbs and descents with a few big ledges that could snag vehicles with long overhangs. Some of the notable sheer climbs include Frenchies Fin and Kenny’s Climb. Overall, the trail is excellent for UTVs and ATVs.

The steep gradient of the trail calls for excellent driving skills and good wheel placement. To conquer the trail with minimal problems, your ride should have enhanced suspension travel and adequate ground clearance. To be on the safe side, bring in your 4x4 to the premier auto shop in Moab for a pre-trail inspection. Alternatively, you can also choose to bring it in for repairs and maintenance after hitting the trail.

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