Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: Deadman Springs

Southern Utah is famous for off-roading and some of the most popular trails in the area are in Moab Utah. While avid off-roaders come to this place looking for hardcore off-roading, other visitors are simply looking for a scenic drive to take in the beautiful desert country and landscape. The beauty of this corner of the country is that both tastes are adequately catered for.

One of the trails offering great scenery coupled with easy four-wheeling is the Deadman Springs trail.

Deadman Springs Trail Overview

Deadman Springs has an interesting name that dates back to the 1890s when cowboys roamed the area. The story is that two old cowboys came to the spring one day and found a dead cowhand there, hence the name –which has stuck since then.

The trail itself is rated 3 and offers a nice, scenic four-wheeling trip. It’s an easy 32-mile off-roading experience off the highway and passes by the site of the actual springs featuring the previous functioning stock reservoir.

Deadman Springs is located not far off Spring Canyon Road. About two decades ago parts of this trail were used as the start of the Secret Spire trail but it’s since been reconfigured. The trail can be done in a 4WD vehicle with stock tires and high ground clearance. No differential lockers or winch are required.

Deadman Springs Trail Surface and Scenery

This trail passes through a beautiful part of the desert, with several outlooks offering breathtaking wide, open vistas and giving you a chance to spot interesting rock formations. If you go at the right season, the desert wildflowers will be in full bloom, filling the air with their lovely perfume and providing striking pops of color against the brown landscape and pale rocks.

Along the way, you can view the beginning of Spring Canyon and the valley below. Deadman Springs is also worth a stop. Some of the rock formations that will catch your eye include Queen’s Rock, the Twins, and DMS Waterfall.

The trail surface is mostly made up of loose rocks, dirt, and sand with occasional ledges and some slickrock. Some of the descents are rather demanding and will require you to have your full attention on the road.

Deadman Springs Trail Details and Obstacles

As mentioned earlier, this is a low-rated, easy trail that doesn’t offer harrowing obstacles to overcome. Although there are some steps, none of these is higher than 12”. However, care should be taken on some of the ledges and also when hiking to some of the edges of the overlooks because of the loose dirt and rocks.

Overall, this is the ideal trail for those looking for some scenic, easy four-wheeling.

To experience this and other interesting trails in the area, we encourage you to sign up for our Southern Utah trail rides. For more information on this and other off-roading issues, visit the Dixie 4 Wheel Drive auto shop in Moab, Utah.

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