Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: Crystal Geyser

There’s no better place in the southwest to enjoy the red rock desert landscape than in Moab. Here you can visit one of the many cultural and historic sites in the area or go trail riding on one of the popular off-roading trails in Moab.

Sometimes some of the trails give you a chance to enjoy the best of both worlds- visit an interesting site while still putting your 4×4 to the test. We have had many such experiences during the Dixie 4 Wheel Drive trail riding events and those who sign up always end up having a great time.

One such trail is the Crystal Geyser trail. This trail will not only take you to Crystal Geyser, one of Moab’s wonders but also allow you to experience some mildly challenging off-roading.

Crystal Geyser Trail Overview

The Crystal Geyser trail is found to the east of the Green River and just south of Green River Township. When running the trail, your journey begins in Moab and comes to an end near Green River. Along the way you’ll pass near the rainbow rocks country as well as Dubinky Well as you head towards Little Grand Wash, Salt Wash, and some other rarely-used mining trails found at the slopes of the Morrison Formation.

The trail stretches for about 112 miles, 40 of them being off-pavement. While most of the trail presents minimum challenges, you should watch for rocks and gullies that could damage or snare rigs with poor ground clearance. Should your 4-wheel drive sustain damage out on the trail, don’t hesitate to bring it to our auto shop in Moab and we’ll have it fixed and back on the trail in no time.

Trail Surface and Scenery of Crystal Geyser

As you drive down the Crystal Geyser trail, you begin to get an appreciation for the colorful and desolate beauty that is unique to this area. At the Rainbow Rocks area, you can check out the breathtaking Entrada Sandstone layers. The gradation brought about by erosion is clearer here than in other places in Moab. While the Morrison slopes might try to compete with the colorfulness of the Entrada, it doesn’t support as many sheer cliffs.

Crystal Geyser itself is a must-visit on this trail. It’s found approximately 4.5 miles downstream from Green River. What’s interesting about it is that the geyser is a man-made borehole that combines cold water and carbon dioxide to yield spectacular geyser action. It erupts twice a day and if you time your trip right, you might just catch it in action.

Trail Obstacles and other Crystal Geyser Details

Rated 4, the trail itself isn’t that challenging, although there are some steep climbs near Duma Point that may be tough for some stock rigs to handle. There are also some huge rocks that have accumulated on the old mining roads near Green River. These can snag your undercarriage if you’re not careful.

Overall, this is a trail that is well worth visiting.

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