Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: Copper Ridge

There are plenty of fantastic off-roading trails in Moab and they continue to draw huge crowds of enthusiastic off-roaders every year. Why wouldn’t they come? With great weather, a wide array of 4×4 trails, and an amazing off-roading culture, Moab is the perfect place for those who want to pit their rigs against tough terrain.

As the premier auto shop in Moab, we at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive love to see people having the time of their life on the trails. We do our best to encourage this, including organizing trail rides so that off-roaders can interact and share their expertise on the trail.

Continuing with our series of posts highlighting some of the popular off-roading trails in Moab, today we’d like to shine the spotlight on Copper Ridge.

Copper Ridge Trail Overview

If you are looking for a mildly challenging trail to explore one afternoon, then Copper Ridge fits the bill. This trail is rated 4 and runs for a total of 64 miles, 35 of which are off-highway. It lies east of the Moab Fault and is made up of several roads to the north of Moab, bordering Arches National Park to the west.

This trail is mostly of a younger rock formation than other trails in Moab so the slickrock is actually the top of the picturesque Entrada Formation. A few of the roads along the trail are part of the Morrison Formation and they become extremely slippery when it rains, making some of the sections quite challenging to navigate with stock vehicles. On a clear dry day, you can take on the trail with a rig with sufficient ground clearance and at least 33-inch tires. You won’t need a winch or differential lockers.

Trail Scenery and Surface Of Copper Ridge

Just after starting the trail, it gets into a pour-off going into the lower Seven Mile Canyon that is well worth the visit. Additionally, Copper Ridge trail goes past an area known as Klondike Bluffs which offer scenic views of the white-capped red rock formations and canyon walls that are iconic of Moab. Since you’ll be on the Entrada Formation, you’ll see colored gradations on the canyon walls, made as the rocks eroded. You’ll also get a good view of some natural arches, including Tower Arch, in the distance.

As for the trail surface, you’ll mostly drive over dirt and partially rocky sections with long stretches of slickrock in between.

Trail Obstacles and other Copper Ridge Details

While this trail isn’t that challenging when dry, that changes when it rains. Some of the eroded trail portions become difficult to navigate, calling for careful driving. The trail also has two steep climbs on eroded dirt and rock that require your full attention.

If you’re in the mood to explore a little, the trail goes near some colorful hills where some dinosaur bones have previously been found. You can also choose to visit some dinosaur tracks located off the trail.

All in all, Copper Ridge is ideal for slow afternoons when you’re in the mood to do some mild off-roading.

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