Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: Chicken Corners

Anyone looking for a variety of off-roading trails would do well to visit Moab. Some of the trails in this part of southern Utah are more popular than others and one of the most well-known trails is Chicken Corners.

Chicken Corners Trail Overview

Contrary to what its name suggests, this off-roading trail in Moab has nothing to do with chicken. The trail’s name dates back to when it used to be a pack trail and only the most courageous or “least chicken” would use it.

These days the trail is much easier to travel and it’s mostly used as a hiking trail or for those looking for easy four-wheeling. This is one of the more scenic trails in Moab, passing through some fantastic sites.

Chicken Corners trail generally follows the Colorado River downstream. After leaving the pavement, you’ll travel for several miles through Kane Springs Canyon then leave it to climb the Kane Creek Anticline toward Hurrah Pass. On the way up, you’ll pass the Kane Overlook which gives fantastic views of the river below. After taking in the views at Hurrah Pass, several hundred feet above the river, you’ll descend the hill. You’ll then continue to the end of the trail which happens to be directly across the river from Dead Horse Point.

This trail is rated 2 and can be completed in a 4WD rig with stock tires and sufficient ground clearance.

Trail Scenery and Surface Of Chicken Corners

Chicken Corners is a trail that offers outstanding views of the magnificent Utah country around Moab. The trail follows the Colorado River as it cuts a path through different layers of rock. This means that there are numerous river overlooks along the way that are sure to give you fantastic glimpses of the river and the surrounding scenery.

The trail will take you from the deep and narrow lower Kane Springs Canyon up to Hurrah Pass with great views of the Colorado River Canyon along the way. The route winds along alternating sandstone layers and startling precipices that will have you marveling at the stunning views above while dreading the sheer heights.

The trail surface starts out as gravel but gradually gives way to red dirt and sand with some patches of sandstone bedrock in places.

Chicken Corners Trail Obstacles and Other Details

What the trail lacks in obstacles, it more than makes up for in scenery. If you’re the passenger, make sure you have a camera on hand to capture some of the beautiful views along the route.

The trail passes through some notable features including the Birthing Rock where you can stop to admire the petroglyphs and the Catacomb Rock where you can visit the unusual caves formed by the erosion of sandstone layers.

While the trail is passable for most of the year, the ford of Kane Creek becomes impassable after it rains.

If you want to experience this and other trails in the area, stop by the Dixie auto shop in Moab and we’ll be happy to slot you in one of our trail riding events.

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