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Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: Behind the Rocks - Tip Toe - 4WD Skills Day

Moab is famous for its popular off-roading trails. Living here means that you have plenty of opportunities to check out most of these trails for yourself.

At Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we are as passionate about off-roading as we are about making custom-built rides. The trail rides we regularly organize are our way of sharing these incredible trails with others. During these trail ride events, we love to check out as many different trails as possible and just take in some of the amazing environment we have here in the southwest.

We also like to vary things so not all trail rides are about exploring the trails. Some of them are about learning - where we encourage fellow off-roaders to share their expertise and to explore the capabilities of their off-roading machines.

Today’s trail highlight is about one trail that’s perfectly suited for such training. We call it Behind The Rocks –Tip Toe 4WD Skills Day.

Behind the Rocks - Tip Toe - 4WD Skills Day Trail Overview

This being 4WD Skills Day Trip, we don’t have to run the whole trail. The point is to use the different obstacles or terrain we encounter along this trail for training purposes. The training takes place in the Behind The Rocks Tip Toe area.

This skills day aims to help off-roaders to develop and enhance their 4WD techniques. Those who participate get to learn basic recovery and safety procedures, preparedness, vehicle dynamics as well as how to choose the correct approach and departure angles. They also learn how to analyze the terrain they’re driving on by looking at hills, rocks, ledges, or sand then adjusting their driving skills accordingly. It’s best to have a vehicle with sufficient ground clearance and tires that are at least 33 inches tall to take part in this.

The training is carried out by experienced 4-Wheelers and other professional instructors. Sometimes some of the staff from our Moab auto shop also participate in the training.

Trail Scenery and Surface Of Behind the Rocks - Tip Toe - 4WD Skills Day

Navajo sandstone domes and fins tower over most of the trail and you can catch glimpses of some iconic arches like Balcony Arch.

Most of the road is sandy which makes it great for practicing driving on such a surface. There are also occasional rock outcrops that make the trail bumpy in places.

Trail Details and Behind the Rocks - Tip Toe - 4WD Skills Day Obstacles

While there are no major obstacles, some drainage crossings have eroded and exposed some rocky ledges along the trail. This makes it hard for vehicles with sock clearance to climb over them and the sound of skid plates scraping over rock is common.

The downward route to Hunters Canyon is great for practicing wheel placement. It is also the perfect place to take a breather from the training whilst taking in the beautiful surroundings.

We encourage anyone who wants to polish their off-roading skills to join us on this Skills Day or sign up for our trail riding events.

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