Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: Behind the Rocks Tip-Toe

One of the great things about living near the famous red rock formations and the popular off-roading trails in Moab is that we can go on off-roading adventures anytime we wish. At Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we love inviting other people on these adventures and we encourage them to sign up for our trail riding events.

Sometimes, on these trail rides, we get people who want to see some of the tougher obstacles but not really try them. They like to just pass by and satisfy their curiosity, maybe take a few pictures and even catch a glimpse of people taking them on.

One of the best trails suited for this is Behind The Rocks Tip-Toe.

Behind the Rocks Tip-Toe Trail Overview

This trail is ideal for those looking for a scenic drive past some notable obstacles. The route follows much of the original Behind The Rocks trail, even intersecting at some sections but manages to avoid all the hair raising obstacles. You’ll visit White Knuckle Hill, Upchuck and High Dive Canyon but there’s no need to attempt them, making it perfect for those who like to restrict their off-roading to lower-rated trails.

The trail’s 5 rating is mainly because of the erosion that happens on some of the rocky descents, causing the rocks to move quite a bit. You’ll still need high ground clearance, a minimum of 33” tires and rear lockers to have a good time on this trail.

Trail Scenery and Surface Of Behind the Rocks Tip-Toe

You’ll get your fill of the magnificent scenery as the picturesque Navajo Sandstone domes are in constant view as the trail slopes downward behind the cliffs.

You’ll also get to see plenty of interesting rock formations in the distance including Picture Frame Arch, Pritchett Arch, and Balcony Arch, so keep your camera handy.

The trail surface is mostly sandy dirt with the occasional rocky outcrop in some places.

Obstacles and other Behind the Rocks Tip-Toe Trail Details

Along the trail, you’ll encounter some minor drainage crossings with exposed rock ledges. While not overwhelming, these do take some technique to climb, giving novices plenty of opportunities to practice and polish their rock crawling skills.

Stay on the lookout for some obstacles that are part of the original Behind The Rocks trail including the terrifying Upchuck. There’s also a great chance to practice your sand-driving skills as you cross the sand dunes near the end of your trip.

Overall, this is a scenic, mildly-challenging trail with plenty of chances to visit some hardcore obstacles without having to tackle them.

If you want to hit the trails and are wondering whether your rig is up for it, bring it to our full-service auto shop in Moab. We’ll give it a thorough pre-trail inspection and ensure it will get you where you want to go. 

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