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Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: Behind the Rocks

Thanks to our prime location in Moab Utah, we are just a few miles away from off-roading adventure. This means we can indulge our rock crawling cravings any time we like. The other good thing is that we get to meet and interact with lots of visitors who troop to the southwest to enjoy some of the finest trails that Moab has to offer.

The thing with trails is that it’s always more fun if you enjoy them with a group of equally avid off-roaders. That is why we love organizing trail rides and getting a mix of novice and experienced off-roaders out there to experience this fantastic terrain.

Sometimes during the trail rides, we decide to take on some challenging trails just to keep everyone sharp and build their confidence and driving skills. One of the gnarliest trails in Moab is Behind the Rocks.

Behind the Rocks Trail Overview

Behind The Rocks is situated in an elevated area to the south of Moab. This area is hemmed in by the Kane Springs Canyon rim on one side and the Moab Rim cliffs on the other.

The trail is rated 7 thanks to the abundance of high steps- some exceeding 48” and the presence of the notorious White Knuckle Hill. To successfully run this trail, ensure that your rig has maximum ground clearance and high tires at least 35 inches tall. You’ll also need enhanced off-road equipment including both front and rear differential lockers. A winch is desirable but not necessary.

Behind the Rocks Trail Surface and Scenery

Like most of the trails in Moab, Behind The Rocks passes through some magnificent scenery. In this case, the tall Navajo Sandstone domes and fins are in constant view as you traverse the trail. There are also numerous small canyons e.g. Hunters’ Canyon cut into the older layers of rock due to erosion. The many arches in the area like Balcony Arch and Picture Frame Arch make for great photography with Pritchett Arch being the perfect backdrop.

Most of the trail surface is sandy dirt with the occasional rock outcrops. Some sandstone ledges also give a bumpy ride in and out of the canyons.

Obstacles and Behind the Rocks Trail Details

Behind The Rocks provides plenty of opportunities for modified rigs to have some fun. Soon after leaving the highway, you’ll encounter several minor canyon crossings that usher you into High Drive Canyon. There are two ways out of the canyon- either through some tricky ledges or by tackling Upchuck Hill. The latter has gnarly off-camber sections that will test your driving.

After going through interesting terrain dotted by several obstacles, you’ll finally come to White Knuckle Hill- the signature obstacle on the trail. This obstacle challenges even the hardiest buggies. The descent down the hill is scary enough but lots of hardcore off-roaders love to try their hand at climbing the huge steps. It makes for quite a show.

If you’re in the mood to tackle a challenging trail with plenty of tough obstacles, Behind The Rocks is worth checking out.


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