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Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: 3-D, The Pickle Version

Not all people come to Moab to experience the scenery. Quite a lot of them make the trip to try out some of the popular Moab trails. At some point, even the toughest machine will eventually break down when pitted against some of the roughest gnarliest trails out there.

Since we at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive run the premier auto shop in Moab, we get to meet a lot of these guys when they bring in their rigs for repairs and maintenance. Sometimes we even give them pointers on which trails to check out next or even ask them to sign up for our trail rides.

Such avid off-roaders often look for the higher-rated trails and one of these is 3D, The Pickle Version.

3-D, The Pickle Version Off Road Trail Overview

This trail starts in a narrow wash with plenty of obstacles as you explore the colorful Hidden Canyon to the northwest of Moab. From there, you’ll climb out and explore the Moab Tongue which is an exposed section of the beautiful Entrada Sandstone Formation.

Finally, the trail connects to the original 3D trail allowing you to tackle several of its major obstacles then come to the end via a thrilling descent of a rocking hill. Watch out though because there’s a sharp ledge that might damage your skid plates.

This trail has a 7 rating and you’ll require both front and rear locking differentials as well as two rings and hooks on both ends. Also, make sure your ride has at least 35” tires.

3-D, The Pickle Version Off Road Trail Surface and Scenery

This trail visits canyons that differ from the Wingate Sandstone Cliffs in the Moab Valley. These are less than a hundred feet deep in the smooth red and white slickrock that’s characteristic of the Entrada Sandstone. Another layer of white sandstone, known as the Moab Tongue sometimes tops the Entrada.

For incredible vistas, look northwards for the Book Cliffs or the southeast for the La Sal Mountains. If you’re in luck, you might spot the Abajo Mountains to the south.

The trail surface is pretty similar to the main 3D trail with mostly rocky sections interspersed with sandstone ones and with a few two-track trails.

3-D, The Pickle Version Off Road Trail Obstacles and Details

This route has continuous obstacles to keep things exciting. You start by going up a sandy wash bottom that gets you to the Dill Pickle where the 4 wheeling fun starts. This particular obstacle can snag shorter wheelbases which would necessitate a winch.

From there you head to a narrow passage leading to the Pickle Slicer where body damage is likely. This is followed by the climbing challenge offered by the Jalepino Pickle. Exiting the Pickle requires you to go through a side trail to the endless mounds of the Mashed Potato section followed by the Gravy Boat.

Towards the end, you’ll encounter The Wall and Mean Hill as you join the main 3D trail then depart for “I Drill Hill” for a steep descent that might just get you stuck going downhill.

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