Moab Off-Road Trail Spotlight: 3-D

There isn’t much we can say about the incredible off-roading in Moab that we haven’t said before. This place is simply awesome and you can spend lots of fun-filled hours exploring all the popular off-roading trails and still not get enough of them.

We at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive know this from first-hand experience. Despite going out on the trails several times, we are yet to get tired of them. We have grown to love them so much that we encourage everyone we know and come across to sign up for one of our trail rides.

When we’re not in our world-class auto shop working on custom 4X4s, we usually like bringing a mixed group of avid off-roaders together then heading out to see what Moab’s famous trails have to offer. This way, novice off-roaders can pick up tips and tricks from the experienced ones and everybody gets to enjoy themselves.

One of our favorite trails here in Moab is known as 3-D.

3-D Off Roading Trail Overview

If you’re in the mood for a pleasant, scenic four-wheeling trip to take with your family, then 3-D is the trail for you. This trail takes you through Hidden Canyon and Brink Spring, in a rather colorful area to the Northwest of Moab. The trail was named 3-D because it wonders from the canyon bottom to the canyon rim, finally giving you incredible all-round views from a higher overlook of the area.

It’s rated 4 meaning that 4WD is required. You can easily do this trail with a stock vehicle as long as it has enhanced suspension travel coupled with good ground clearance. Tall tires (at least 33” and above) are a plus.

3-D Off Roading Trail Scenery and Surface

If you follow this trail, it’ll take you through canyon country that is completely different from the one in Moab Valley with its Wingate-topped cliffs. The canyons in this part of the country run a few hundred feet deep, giving you enticing glimpses of the smooth red and white Entrada Sandstone layers. To catch incredible vistas of the surrounding area, look northwards towards the Book Cliffs.

The trail surface is a mix of sand and rocks with a little slickrock and some two-track dirt sections in places.

3-D Off Roading Trail Details and Obstacles

At first glance, some of the obstacles on this trail might seem intimidating but can be overcome with careful handling. Towards the start of the trail, you’ll run into Airport View Hill which might be tricky for your stock 4WD unless you air down your tires a little.

After that, you’ll come to Hidden Canyon. The sandy wash at the bottom might be soft or not, depending on the moisture level present. Next up after climbing out of the upper canyon is The Wall- which looks like a tough wall at first glance but can be easily done in a stock vehicle. Finally, you’ll come to Mean Hill which has 2 steep sections for you to try out.

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