Moab, The Center Of Utah Off Roading Experiences

Moab, Utah, has been drawing avid rock crawlers and off-road junkies for decades with good reason. The region’s incredible landscape –the sweeping marshes, hidden canyons, petrified sand dunes and unusual rock formations- make for a thrilling driving experience unlike anything else. Add the area’s natural “slickrock”, stunning desert scenery and exquisite views of the La Sal Mountains or the Colorado River and you’ll understand why this place is considered “America’s Off-Road Capital.”

The rugged desert terrain isn’t the only thing that entices adventurers to this part of the country. The strong off-road culture also has its appeal.

Moab is home to some of the biggest off-road enthusiasts in the world and Dixie 4 Wheel Drive is proud to be at the center of it all. As the premier full-service 4×4 shop in Moab, we are crazy about going off-road and the machines that make it possible. We’re not only passionate about transforming 4x4s into off-road beasts but also love pitting them against every possible challenge on the trails.

Moab, Utah’s Boundless Trails and Scenic Routes

At Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we can’t get enough of the amazing trail rides that this corner of Southern Utah has to offer. Miles of old mining roads and 4×4 routes cut across Moab’s rugged backcountry creating an unprecedented number of trails.

Both novice and veteran off-roaders are sure to find a route that suits their fancy- from scenic and leisurely family trails with breathtaking views of the landscape to wild, obscure and challenging routes that put 4 wheelers to the test. You’ll get a chance to sate your lust for adventure crawling up steep ascents followed by slow, heart-pounding descents all with the gorgeous red rocks forming a stunning background all around you.

Every 4×4 route offers a chance for exhilarating adventure. You can choose to be part of a group trail ride with an experienced guide leading the way or hop behind the wheel yourself for a solo excursion.

Some of the popular Moab off-road trails include:

  • Chicken Corners and Secret Spire –both perfect for beginners.

  • Golden Spike

  • Fins and Things

  • Devil’s Race Track

  • Poison Spider Mesa

  • Top of the World Trail

  • Hell’s Revenge- by far the most popular trail in Moab

Please choose your trail wisely, especially if you’re a first time visitor to the area. Also ensure you have up-to-date information, trail maps and adequate equipment prior to departing on a trip.

Get Your Off Roading Rig Trail-Ready

Before attacking the trails, you’re going to want to make sure that your vehicle is running right. Bring your rig to Dixie 4 Wheel Drive’s off-road shop in Moab, Utah and we’ll inspect and outfit it for the trails. Our experienced mechanics can also handle any custom modifications, upgrades, repairs or maintenance work that your Jeep, truck or other 4×4 vehicle might require.

We’ll take care of the complicated stuff so you can have the best off-roading experience of your life!

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