Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: Wipe-Out Hill

If you’re looking to build your off-roading skills, then you need to look beyond the popular trails in Moab. Other lesser-known trails will give you a chance to practice and get better. Here at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we organize Southern Utah trail rides for just this reason. We like to mix up participants so that those who are just starting out can learn from more experienced off-roaders. We also like going on a variety of trails so everyone in the group can work on their skills while discovering the fascinating Moab trails.

One of the perfect trails for people to test out their driving skills is Wipe-Out Hill.

Wipe-Out Hill Trail Overview

Wipe-Out Hill trail takes you to a region that is west of Highway 191 and south of the Canyonlands Airport. This makes it one of the most scenic trails in Moab as it incorporates portions of Tusher Canyon, Courthouse Pasture, Bartlett Wash, and the south cliff base of Big Mesa. Along the way, you’ll see plenty of hills, canyons, tall cliffs, and sandstone walls.

This trail is rated 5, making it moderately challenging. While a winch and differential lockers aren’t necessary, you’ll need tires that are at least 35” tall as well as sufficient ground clearance to go over some of the rock ledges.

Wipe-Out Hill Trail Surface and Scenery

Wipe-Out Hill trail is big on scenery, from the drab trails you encounter near the airport to the tall cliffs that can be glimpsed from Moab. It features fascinating canyons with the colorful Entrada sandstone as well as a variety of big rock features including Monitor and Merrimac Buttes, Determination Towers, and Big Mesa.

Most of the trail is a combination of rock ledges, a few miles on two-track sandy dirt and slickrock. There are also a couple of sandy washbottoms that might be wet depending on the weather.

Obstacles and other Wipe-Out Hill Trail Details

Early on in the trail, you’ll encounter a hill of blow sand that may be challenging to navigate, depending on your driving skills. Next up is Tusher Wash which is often wet. It also has a rock-filled obstacle course that is difficult for longer vehicles to get over without some sheet metal damage. Here’s where big tires come in handy.

Wipe-Out Hill itself is short and steep with irregular ledges and a sudden tip-down that has damaged many rocker panels. Another obstacle along this route is Rattlesnake Hill which has bumps spaced at just the right distance to challenge your suspension.

After you’re done with a day out on the trail, don’t forget to bring your rig to our Moab auto shop for some after-trail care. While there you can talk shop with our 4WD experts as well as get more off-roading tips and Southern Utah trail map resources. We’ll be glad to serve you.

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