Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: Top of the World

The Top of the World Trail is a 30.4km back trail located near Moab, Utah. It’s moderately trafficked out and offers spectacular, scenic views to all who get to the top. It’s called the Top of the World because of the sheer height and breathtaking view from the top, and this back trail is rated as a difficult one! Mostly used for hiking and biking, off road drivers will love taking this trail due to its accessibility and adventure. Any dogs brought along for the ride must be leashed at all times and while some mountain bikers and hikers use it, off road drivers are popular here.

Top of the World Trail Overview

The smooth gravel start is deceptive, and it’s not one to do on a rainy day unless you take a winch and you are highly experienced with off-road driving. You’ll find Top of the World on Waring Mesa, and the views you get include Onion Creek, Fisher Valley and the La Sal Mountains. There are so many views on this trail but these are the spectacular ones you’ll see as you go. The 7,000ft viewpoint at the very peak of the Top of the World trail is worth the drive, and there are 32 miles of pavement at one end of the off road trail with about 40 miles of highway along the way.

Top of the World Trail Obstacles And Other Details

Your ride begins at the Dewey suspension bridge (old and burned out though it is!) and this is 29 miles northeast of Moab. You’ll find parking and a bathroom at the start of the ride off the highway, and there is more parking as you move up the gravel road. That gravel? It’s the first five miles of the journey so be prepared to bump! There is some graded road here, but most of it is layered rock that has been broken over time. You’ll travel the base of a long stretch of the Entrada Sandstone cliffs near the rivers and there are plenty of viewpoints to stop at on eht way. It’s worth the trip even without the views and it goes down Rose Garden Hill. Onion Creek has the narrows that you will love, whether this is from the creek-bottom route or the country road option. Rose Garden Hill Trail is rated 4, and is a little more difficult than the Top of the World trail.

Those who have driven the off road Top of the World trail will find that there aren’t as many obstacles as most trails but the business of the trail makes for a rougher ride. It’s a two way trail, so going uphill is the same as coming back down so you can be prepared for the journey on the way. There are huge canyons overlooked at the top and it’s a difficult one depending on the vehicle you are driving. You’ll climb the Waring Mesa on the southern side and view the Dolores River canyon in the distance. There are some challenging sections and the loop at the top is a highly regarded, scenic route.

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