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Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: Seven Mile Rim

The off-roading trails in Moab always deliver, depending on what you’re looking for. If you want an adrenalin-filled day, then some of the popular trails in Moab will satisfy that craving. However, if you are looking for some mild off-roading to hone your skills, then you should look at some of the less popular, but still interesting trails.

One such trail that delivers some mild off-roading challenges and fantastic scenery is the Seven Mile Rim trail.

Seven Mile Rim Trail Overview

This is a great trail with amazing views and it’s perfect for intermediate drivers who want to practice their off-roading skills. The trail starts off by leaving Highway 191 just 11 miles north of Moab and north of Highway 313. It goes past the old Cotter uranium mine before switching back to reach the cliff rim above the mine. This previously being a mining area, there are lots of core-drilling roads on the mesa top and the trail seeks the most interesting of these. Along the way, you’ll visit Uranium Arch as well as Determination Towers. The trail eventually joins other roads near Merrimac and Monitor Buttes before coming to an end near Big Mesa.

To run this trail you’ll need a 4WD with adequate ground clearance as well as tires that are at least 33” tall. A winch and differential lockers aren’t necessary.

Seven Mile Rim Trail Scenery and Surface

This is one of the Moab trails that’s big on scenery. The trail route passes near Moab Fault and there are fascinating views of Arches National Park, the Seven Mile Canyon as well as Book Cliffs to the north. The Entrada Sandstone Cliffs are always in view.

The trail surface is mostly a two-track dirt road with plenty of slickrock, some sandy sections, and a sandy washbottom.

Obstacles and other Seven Mile Rim trail details

This trail is rated 4 and it has enough challenging spots to hold your interest. The cliff rims provide an amazing vantage point to check out the surrounding area and the walk across Uranium Arch is also worthwhile. You can also choose to tackle the south side of Merrimac Butte which is considerably challenging then detour to Wipe Out Hill if you have time.

If you’re interested in discovering more trails in this corner of the country, you can drop by the Dixie 4 Wheel Drive auto shop in Moab. We have lots of trail maps and other resources of the area to share with you. While at the shop, we can also show you how to sign up for our southern Utah trail rides where you can hit the trails with other avid off-roaders for some more fun. So don’t hesitate to contact us or drop by the auto shop.

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