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Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: Secret Spire

As the premier auto shop in Moab, we often get plenty of visitors asking about off-roading in the area. We are always ready to help with maps of the southern Utah trails as well as helpful advice on how to navigate trails in the area. We often also organize trail rides so that all those who are interested in learning about safe off-roading and the fascinating trails we have can do so.

The great thing about being in this area is that there are plenty of trails to keep all off-roaders busy. If you don’t want to tackle some of the popular trails in Moab, we’ll be happy to point out some lower-rated trails that while not big on obstacles, are huge on scenery.

One of the trails that offers mild four-wheeling is the Secret Spire trail.

Secret Spire Trail Overview

This trail is ideal for those looking for some moderate four-wheeling while taking in the expansive and interesting scenery of this corner of Utah. The crowning moment of this trail is taking an up-close look at Secret Spire. This is an interesting rock formation that looks like a mushroom emerging from the sandstone base. To get there, you first have to follow the trail as it passes on a rolling mesa top that straddles two of the Green River’s large tributary canyons i.e. Spring and Hellroaring Canyon. In some sections, the trail gets close to the deep portions of Spring Canyon and on crossing the shallower part of the canyon, you’ll encounter Secret Spire.

The trail is rated 3 and can easily be done in a stock 4x4 with adequate ground clearance. A winch, front and rear lockers aren’t needed.

Secret Spire Trail Scenery and Surface

Since this trail offers few challenges, you’ll be free to take in the large vistas provided including incredible views of the Book Cliffs and the San Rafael Reef to the north and west. It also offers plenty of opportunities to peer into the deep rugged canyons - that is if you’re not afraid of heights. You can also spot plenty of the rock formations in this area such as arches and towers as well as the bluffs of the Entrada sandstone towering high above the trail in some sections.

Once you’ve gone about 20 miles into the trail, the pavement runs out and you’ll find yourself on a sandy dirt road. You’ll encounter slickrock, sand, and sandy washes throughout the trail.

Obstacles and other Secret Spire Trail Details

This isn’t really a challenging trail although there is a deep gully near upper Spring Canyon that calls for careful driving. If you have time, you can take a detour to the nearby Dellenbaugh Tunnel. The tunnel is usually a dry watercourse that is 100ft long with a limestone floor that drops to the lower Spring Canyon.

Overall, this is a relaxing trail that’s perfect for those looking for some mildly challenging four-wheeling with plenty of scenery.

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