Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: Polar Mesa

Although Moab is famous for its off-roading trails and culture, the area is also rich in history. Here at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we love supporting both the culture and history of the area. That is why we try and vary our trail riding events to not only feature the popular trails in Moab but some little known ones that lead to interesting areas as well.

One trail that easily offers a scenic route and some history is the Polar Mesa trail.

 Polar Mesa Trail Overview

The Polar Mesa trail is a little-traveled route that loops around itself. This trail is rated 3 and offers fantastic vistas from high viewpoints at the top of Polar Mesa. Remember to pack a camera because the views from the top of the Mesa are simply stunning and not to be missed. You’ll also get to see some old abandoned uranium mining ruins along the trail and you can take some time to explore them if you wish. These mines and abandoned equipment give you an idea of how people lived here in the old days. There are also some side roads on Polar Mesa that lead to other different mining camps that you can also check out if you have time.

This is an easy trail that can be done in a stock 4X4 vehicle. While front and rear lockers are not required, 33” inch tires and 4WD are a must.

 Polar Mesa Trail Scenery and Surface

You simply have to take in the sweeping vistas from the top of Polar Mesa. From this vantage point, you can check out the Book Cliffs to the North, the La Sal Mountain peaks to the west, and Colorado to the east. The top of the mesa also provides a great place to view the old uranium mines spread out over the area.

The trail surface is in fairly good condition and the road is a mostly paved or graded dirt road in sections. There are a couple of rough spots as well as a steep hill. Wet weather conditions can increase the trail’s difficulty.

Trail Obstacles and Other  Polar Mesa Details

The Polar Mesa trail offers few four-wheeling obstacles although wet conditions can result in some ruts on the road. However, these are not serious and can be easily handled in a stock 4X4. The side roads off Polar Mesa leading to several abandoned mining ruins also have some rough sections.

Overall, this is a great trail to take when looking to tour the remote mining country. We also like it because it one of those trails that get novices used to trail running and the magnificent scenery doesn’t hurt either.

Remember your vehicle needs to be in top condition even when handling gentle trails like this one. Bring it over to our auto shop in Moab and while at it we can let you know how to get Southern Utah 4X4 trail maps as well as some other off-roading tips.

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