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Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: Poison Spider, Where Eagles Dare

If you're looking for an off road trail that combines challenging terrain with stunning vista views then the Poison Spider Mesa trail is the one for you. You will need a suitable vehicle for this trail, one that is mechanically sound. You will also require some experience since the trail is rated a grade 7 trail. However, the Poison Spider Mesa trail really does deliver and is further enhanced by the spectacular Where Eagles Dare extension.

Poison Spider, Where Eagles Dare: Vehicles 

This off road trail is not for the fair of heart. It includes the familiar Poison Spider Mesa Tail but incorporates the decidedly challenging "Where Eagles Dare '' loop that extends the trail and gives it a new dimension of difficulty. The Where Eagles Dare loop is a steep ascent and descent bowl that takes you into the valley. Only excellent vehicles are capable. 

To take on this trail you will need an off road vehicle that is mechanically sound and of the right specification. In order to handle the extreme ups and downs of the track you need good clearance and tall tyres. Needless to say you will need a driver capable of negotiating an advanced grade 7 trail. 

Poison Spider, Where Eagles Dare: Scenery

The Poison Spider trail is located not far from the famous Golden Spike trail and provides much the same landscape and environment. These courses are set in the heart of the Colorado Valley – in Navajo country – and they offer incredible vistas of the yellow sandstone and vast red skies. 

The Poison Spider trail offers various glimpses of the valley as you traverse the challenging terrain,  but the newing of Where Eagles Dare opens up new possibilities. Enter the sandy bowl and make your way uphill where you can get a view down into the valley at the railroad and out across the landscape. 

Poison Spider, Where Eagles Dare: Surface

The Poison Spider trail is not only one of the most stunning scenic trails on offer at Moab it is also one of the most challenging with an agreed grade 7 rating for difficulty. On top of the Valley, 100ft up you will experience a trail surface like never before, ensure you have an adequate vehicle and an experienced driver.

The majority of this trail's surface consists of sandstone slickrock. For this you will need efe time tyres and good traction. Additionally you will encounter a sandy wash bottom, two-blow sandhill and difficult rock ledges that will challenge the most experienced drivers. There are also some stretches of bare rock. 

Poison Spider, Where Eagles Dare: Trail Details

The Poison Spider Mesa is a particularly scenic trail in the Moab inventory

It's also very challenging terrain which combines two of the best characteristics of off road experience. On this trail you will see views of the LaSal mountains, and sections of the Colorado River Canyon. The Where Eagle Dare pass is also stunning. 

The trail is rated grade 7 for difficulty to account for the steep ascents and descents, as well as the rocky referring and crevices. Some of the cliff edges on this route are also weak. Come to Poison Spider Mesa prepared for a challenge and some spectacular take away memories.

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