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Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: Poison Spider Mesa

When it comes to off-roading in Moab, there are some popular trails on everyone’s “Must Do” list. These vary in rating and challenges but they have become so popular over the years that avid off-roaders feel that they just have to try to test their rigs on the trails.

One such trail is the Poison Spider Mesa trail.

Poison Spider Mesa Trail Overview

Poison Spider Mesa is the perfect combination of incredible scenery and challenging obstacles. Bordered by Moab Valley to the east and the Colorado River to the south, Poison Spider is one of the most noticeable features of the Moab landscape. This trail stretches for a total of 37 miles and will have you climbing sloping layers of rock as you loop a gradual path to the rim of the mesa. Careful driving is needed as you’ll have to navigate several awkward ledges as well as many spots where your rig can tip over. For an adventure-filled day, you can choose to combine this trail with the Gold Bar Rim trail and the Golden Spike.

To successfully tackle Poison Spider Mesa, you’ll need a modified rig equipped with both front and rear lockers and sufficient ground clearance to clear the rocks. This trail is rated 6 with good reason. Following the trail might be difficult in some sections so you’re advised to download the trail map to help you stick to the designated route.

Poison Spider Mesa Trail Scenery and Surface

This is one of the most scenic routes in Moab with incredible views of Moab stretching 1000ft below the rim of the mesa. You’ll have a clear view of the surrounding area especially the fins of the Behind The Rocks area facing the La Sal Mountains. Also, watch out for Little Arch.

Most of the trail surface consists of sandstone slickrock though you’ll also have to contend with a sandy washbottom, two-blow sand hills, some difficult rock ledges, and a stretch of bare rock.

Poison Spider Mesa Trail Obstacles and other Details

This trail offers some fun, challenging jeeping without risking significant damage to your ride. Driving over the sandy canyon will call for your complete attention as will negotiating the switchbacks and steep rock ledges along the trail. Additionally, to get over one of the sandy hills, you’ll need to air down your tires. Don’t forget to air them back up once you’re done.

After your adventure out on the trails, come by our auto shop in Moab to give your ride a well-deserved service and maintenance session. We can also advise you on some of the other fun trails to try out and also give you more details on how to join our Southern Utah trail rides to explore more trails in the area.

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