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Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: Metal Masher

Among the most popular off-roading trails in Moab, are some iconic ones. These are the ones every avid off-roader wants to take on when they come to Moab. Some of these trails are known for specific obstacles while others are known for the trail surface. All of them are guaranteed to provide awesome off-roading.

At Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we love taking people out to experience different trails for themselves. During our organized off-roading events, we encourage both novice and experienced off-roaders to interact, learn from each other, and also explore the trails we have in Moab.

One of the most iconic and challenging trails in Moab is the Metal Masher.

Metal Masher Trail Overview

Rated 7, the Metal Masher is a classic hardcore trail that’s only suitable for highly-modified rigs. This isn’t a trail for the fainthearted as some of the obstacles are quite harrowing. What makes this an interesting trail is the combination of fun, challenging obstacles and heady, breathtaking views.

Metal Masher takes a route up to Arth’s Rim, overlooking Highway 191. At first, it angles up the sloping cliff to a gap in the rim rock before following Little Canyon partly into the mesa and then following the gentle slope of the rock the rest of the way.

To tackle this trail, you’ll need a modified rig with maximum ground clearance and tall tires at least 35” tall. Your vehicle should also be equipped with front and rear lockers and a winch is also a good idea as it might come in handy.

Metal Masher Trail Scenery and Surface

If you take time to look up from the obstacles, you’ll be blown away by the magnificent view of the Moab Valley, Arches National Park, and the La Sal Mountains. The spectacular view of Moab from Arth’s Rim is not to be missed.

The trail surface goes from an easy dirt road to some tall sandstone ledges which are great for rock crawling. You’ll also encounter slickrock and some sandy sections.

Metal Masher Trail Obstacles and other Details

There are 3 main obstacles for hardcore off-roaders to test both themselves and their rigs. These are Rock Chucker, Widow Maker, and Mirror Gulch. Rock Chucker should only be tackled by big rigs while Mirror Gulch is famous for inflicting sheet metal damage on rigs. The Widow Maker has gotten more difficult with every passing year but thankfully, it’s by-passable. The same can’t be said for Mirror Gulch.

Other than these obstacles, the trail is littered with several rocky ledges, steps, and shelves, some of which exceed 48 inches. There are also numerous steep inclines and declines to navigate, putting your driving skills to the test.

Once you’re done with the Metal Masher, don’t forget to bring your rig for some much-needed repair and servicing at our specialized Moab auto-shop. We’ll fix up your ride and have it back on the trails in no time.

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