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Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: LaSal Pass

If you're new to off road trailing then the LaSal trail pass is an excellent way to get started and sample some of the incredible Colorado vistas at the same time. While more experienced off-roaders might want to check out the Golden Spike: Where Eagles Dare trail for a thrill ride, the LaSal pass gives you a relaxing if not gentle way if exploring the same landscape. 

LaSal Pass: Vehicles 

The LaSal trail is a 'formed track' trail meaning that the route has been well established and well worn for many years. Unlike the Where Eagles Dare trail that is relatively new and still quite raw, the laSal pass is suitable for beginners and sightseers. A less challenging track requires a less challenging vehicle. 

If you wish to take your vehicle to the LaSal train there are few things to keep in mind. The pass does have some steep gradients so high clearance is preferred. You will encounter large rocks and loose trail surfaces and at times you may need a spotter to escape tricky situations. Overall your vehicle will need to be mechanically sound and capable.  

LaSal Pass: Scenery

For those people used to mountain trails in Colorado the views from this trial will be fairly routine. You're in the heart of Colorado – Navajo country. You will see plenty of sandstone, red rock, and various colors of sky. If you're lucky you'll see an American Eagle calling above the canyon. 

Since this trail is a grade 2 trail however, there are likely to be a fair few newcomers to the moab route. For those experiencing this off road trek for the first time the scenery is likely to be mind blowing. You will see the pinion and juniper trees as you climb and flower filled meadows as you descend. 

LaSal Pass: Surface

The LaSal course is a pared down version of Golden Spike. Although it still has a large boulder in the ground to contend with and some steep ascends and descends, it doesn't have the same intensity or need for tall tyres. You will also encounter far fewer crevices and falling rock. 

This course is grade a 2 trail meaning that it's relatively straightforward and suitable to newcomers. Still you will need to have an experienced driver at the wheel to navigate some of the more challenging surface areas. Since it's a formed road you can worry less about the surface and more about enjoying the surrounding landscape. 

LaSal Pass: Trail Details

If you want a trail that allows you to sit back and enjoy the ride rather than look out for weaknesses in the road then the LaSal pass is the one to choose. This formed trail is not designed to challenge readers and will disappoint those with other aspirations. That said there are a few places that might heighten your attention. 

There is a short side spur some way round the trail that allows participants to access a large meadow with excellent views. And, just past the 10,000 foot summit there is an area called Medicine Lakes that makes an ideal picnic spot. 

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