Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: Kane Creek Canyon

At Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we like nothing more than designing bespoke custom builds for our clients. A close second on our list of favorite things to do is getting out on the trail for some good, old off-roading. That’s why we decided to start our off-roading trail riding events– to get avid off-roaders to interact with each other while discovering some of the fantastic and popular trails in Moab.

One of the trails we love exploring is the Kane Creek Canyon.

Kane Creek Canyon Trail Overview

This trail snakes back and forth across the floor of Kane Creek Canyon for almost its entire length. It runs between the mouth of the creek between the Colorado River and Highway 191, crossing the creek numerous times (more than 50 at our last count) and at one point even takes you high on the canyon wall.

Kane Creek Canyon trail is rated 7 and with good reason. Since you’ll be crossing the creek several times, you’ll have to contend with muddy and sandy sections as well as some quicksand, especially after it rains like it often does in the spring. Other times, it might be completely impassable or you might get bogged down on the muddy creek bottom. There’s also plenty of brush on the sides of the road which may damage your paintjob.

To get through this trail, ensure your rig is equipped with both front and rear lockers. A winch is also good to have but not necessary. Your ride will also need good ground clearance with at least 35” tires, minimum.

Kane Creek Canyon Trail Surface and Scenery

This might be a tough trail to handle but the dramatic scenery of Kane Creek Canyon makes it all worth it. Driving between the red rock walls of the canyon might feel a little claustrophobic but the scenery is beautiful.

The lower canyon has a gravel surface that is easy to do with a 2WD then it gives way to a slit bench further upstream with lots of gullies and narrow sections. Here you’ll have to be careful where you place your wheels. When driving through the creek expect to encounter sand and quicksand while the upper part of the trail is rockier with some rocky steps.

Kane Creek Canyon Trail Obstacles and other Details

Don’t let the outstanding scenery distract you from the trail. Some tough sections require your complete attention such as the boulder fields e.g. Hamburger Hill and the tough rock ledge at Muleshoe Canyon.

The trail is also heavily eroded in places which makes it more difficult but regular maintenance helps keep it open.

Squeezing through the brush as you make your way along this trail might leave some scratches on your paintjob. If this happens, don’t hesitate to bring your off-roader to our specialized auto shop in Moab and we’ll buff those out for you.


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