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Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: Hurrah Pass Plus

Not all the popular trails in Moab are filled with thrilling obstacles and challenges. Some of the visitors who come to this corner of Utah are content to go on scenic drives, taking in the unique beauty of the red rock desert. Even avid off-roaders appreciate taking a break from rock crawling and adrenalin-inducing obstacles to just go on a relaxed ride once in a while.

When you don’t feel like putting your 4WD through the paces, you can choose to go on a scenic drive and one ideal trail for this is Hurrah Pass Plus.

Hurrah Pass Plus Trail Overview

Hurrah Pass Plus promises an easy, short, and relaxing drive for those looking to get out, relax, and explore the beautiful canyon country. This trail goes down a country dirt road to the top of Hurrah Pass. From the top, you can take in the vista of the surrounding area including the Colorado River basin below, the Island in the Sky across the river as well as the impressive Kane Creek Canyon stretching out in two directions.

Hurrah Pass Plus has a 2 rating and can be done in a rig with stock tires as long as you have high ground clearance. While the trail has some steep sections, you don’t need enhanced suspension, a winch, or differential lockers to get through.

Hurrah Pass Plus Trail Scenery and Surface

What it lacks in obstacles Hurrah Pass Plus more than makes up for in scenery. Once you get to the top of Hurrah Pass you’ll be wowed by the breath-taking scenery all around. The canyon country stretches out before you in all its magnificence making for great photos. You can choose to focus on the Colorado River basin or look back for a fantastic view of Kane Creek Canyon. Gazing across the river, you can see Dead Horse Point perched atop the cliffs in the distance.

The trail is mostly a wide gravel road that transitions to red dirt with some sandy sections and sandstone bedrock. There are also occasional steep spots and small ledges along the way.

Obstacles and Hurrah Pass Plus Trail Details

Unlike other popular trails in the area, Hurrah Pass Plus doesn’t have as many obstacles. However, it does have some steep inclines and ledges so you still have to keep an eye on the trail.

Also watch out if you’re heading out in the spring or after a downpour. The usually shallow water crossings on Kane Creek can get deep fast flowing water making them hazardous. Don’t cross if you can’t see the bottom of the creek and if a flash flood does come through and you’re stuck on the other side, wait patiently for the water level to recede.

Hurrah Pass Plus is the perfect trail for those looking for a relaxed afternoon drive with friends or family. If you want to know about more trails in southern Utah, why not pass by our full-service auto shop and we’ll be glad to let you know how to sign up for our trail riding events.

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