Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: Hotel Rock

Moab is the home of some of the best off-roading trails in the country. Some of the most popular trails in Moab draw hundreds of visitors each year. These are people who want to sharpen their off-roading skills, want to pit their rigs against the toughest terrain they can find, or simply want to take a scenic drive with some moderate off-roading. Regardless of the reason for visiting, Moab welcomes all off-roaders.

As the premier specialized 4-wheel auto shop in Moab, we at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive also like to head out to the trails. We also like encouraging others to do the same by signing up to our southern Utah trail ride events. During these events, you will get to interact with and learn from other avid off-roaders.

The mix of trails in Moab means that it’s easy to find a trail that offers both exciting challenges, as well as fascinating scenery, and Hotel Rock is one such trail.

Hotel Rock Trail Overview

Hotel Rock is a steep, rough incline trail that takes you up the Little Baullie Mesa, just to the south of Blanding, Utah. This mesa is the same one from which Arch Canyon was formed. The trail consists of a 14-mile round trip with lots of steep rock steps and narrow dirt sections coupled with rocky surfaces. This trail offers the perfect challenge for Jeepers with the Anasazi ruins at the end being well worth the effort it takes to get there.

To manage the trail, you’ll need a rig with adequate ground clearance, at least 33” tires and some sort of traction device like rear lockers. A winch is a plus but isn’t necessary. If you’re a novice off-roader this trail will give you adequate practice on working with a spotter and choosing a good line. More experienced drivers will enjoy the constant challenges that keep coming from the start.

Hotel Rock Trail Scenery and Surface

Hotel Rock is a scenic trail, delivering magnificent scenery right from when you leave Moab. The scenery goes from desert views to mountain scenery before switching back again. While the old well-preserved Anasazi ruins are the highlight of the trip to Hotel Rock, you’ll also catch splendid views of Arch Canyon, Comb Ridge and the surrounding area.

The trail surface is mostly dirt sections that transition to ledgy slickrock with sandy washes in some areas.

Obstacles and other Hotel Rock trail Details

When it comes to difficulty, the Hotel Rock trail is rated 5 thanks to the steep pitches and steps you have to navigate. This trail calls for technical slickrock climbing and crawling over several obstacles scattered throughout the trail.

While it’s mostly a forgiving trail, the risks of a rollover are high, especially if you take the wrong line. For this reason, using a spotter is highly recommended.

To check out Hotel Rock and other fascinating trails in the area, sign up for the Dixie 4 Wheel Drive Southern Utah Trail Rides.

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