Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: Hey Joe Canyon

Moab is famous for its popular off-roading trails but not many realize that not all the trails provide hardcore rock crawling opportunities. That is why we decided to start our trail riding events to showcase more of the interesting trails in Southern Utah. We encourage as many people to sign up and join us on these events to not only learn about off-roading but the fascinating environment and history of Moab as well.

While it may not be as well-known as other trails in the area, Hey Joe Canyon is one of those trails that are not too demanding but still manage to hold your interest throughout.

Hey Joe Canyon Trail Overview

The Hey Joe Canyon trail is a narrow off-road trail that weaves along the bottom edge of Labyrinth Canyon and the Green River. It is located about half an hour away from Moab and to get to it, you’ll have to travel 20 miles of pavement and 10 miles of dirt road. You’ll know you’ve arrived at the start of the trail when you get to the edge of a deep canyon. This is the rim of Spring Canyon.

Once there, you need to follow a narrow ledge road as it winds down the 600-ft cliff to the bottom of the canyon. After that, you go 2 miles following the canyon to the Green River then upstream for 9 miles in Labyrinth Canyon to get to Hey Joe Canyon.

This trail has a 4 rating and is prone to rockfalls and collapse. You’ll need a rig with adequate ground clearance and tires that are at least 33” tall. A winch and differential lockers aren’t necessary.

Hey Joe Canyon Trail Scenery and Surface

This trail offers gorgeous views of Spring Canyon and takes you close to the Green River. the main attraction at Hey Joe Canyon are the old mining ruins and abandoned mining equipment scattered all over the area. You can spend plenty of time poking around the equipment before heading back to Moab.

Most of the trail is on a good dirt road so there’s no need for extreme modifications on your rig. 4WD is adequate. However, you need to be careful as you drive down to the canyon bottom at the start of the trail. The trail is narrow in places with a significant drop off the ledge. It probably won’t be a comfortable drive down to Spring Canyon for those with a fear of heights.

Hey Joe Canyon Trail Obstacles and other Details

There are no fixed obstacles on this trail and you’ll probably only encounter difficulties due to erosion of some trail sections. One thing to beware of is the bushy tamarisk alongside the trail in places. This tends to scratch most rigs and those with fancy paint jobs should reconsider this trail. If your rig gets scratched, you can bring it to our specialized 4WD auto shop in Moab and we’ll fix them for you.

Additionally, the trail is dangerous when wet and should be avoided during rainy weather.

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