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Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: Hells Revenge, Escalator to Hell

Part of the reason so many flock to Moab to experience the world-class off-roading is the sheer amount of trails on offer. The most popular trails in this off-roading Mecca cater to both those who want an easy scenic drive as well as those looking for an adrenaline-filled adventure. Moab delivers to these people and everyone else in between.

Here at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we try to do the same on our organized trail rides. Sometimes we choose scenic routes and other times we go for a more hardcore adventure.

The trail we’re highlighting in this article –Hell’s Revenge, Escalator to Hell - sits firmly among the toughest, gnarliest ones out there.

Hells Revenge, Escalator to Hell Trail Overview

This trail is similar to the normal Hell’s Revenge route but it turns up the heat by adding Hell’s Gate and the Escalator to the list of obstacles. Once you get started on this trail, it’s easy to see why it’s rated 8. With several off-camber twists and turns, numerous steep inclines and declines and harrowing drops in places, this trail is guaranteed to have your heart pumping throughout.

You need to have a highly modified and upgraded rig to successfully tackle this trail. It might only stretch for 13 miles off the pavement but this distance packs quite a punch. Ensure that your vehicle has maximum ground clearance, large tires that are at least 35” tall and both front and rear differential lockers. A winch and tow hooks are also highly recommended.

Even with a modified 4WD, this trail is reserved for experienced off-roaders.

Hells Revenge, Escalator to Hell Trail Scenery and Surface

Let’s face it, most of those choosing this trail aren’t doing it for the scenery. However, it still delivers with grand sweeping vistas of the La Sal Mountains and the Arches National Park. There are also beautiful glimpses of the Colorado River Canyon, the Moab Valley, and part of Negro Bill Canyon.

Most of the trail surface consists of slickrock which provides great traction for all the rock crawling. Other sections of the trail are made up of broken rock, some rock ledges, and blow sand.

Trail Obstacles and Other Hells Revenge, Escalator to Hell Details

Escalator to Hell is intended for the daredevils who have completed all the obstacles on the regular Hell’s Revenge trail and are still hungry for more.

This trail doesn’t disappoint starting off with Hell’s Gate. This obstacle has a steep climb up a chute which becomes narrower and steeper as you head to the top. You’ll need a potter to get to the top because missing the correct line at this point can lead to a rollover.

Up next is The Escalator. Here you’ll have to negotiate multiple tiers as the correct trail line twists and turns to avoid the bottom of the canyon as you go through a v-shaped notch in the slickrock. Once you’re finished with this, you’ll have to tackle the Tip Over Challenge and Rubble Trouble Hill.

Remember to bring your rig over to our auto shop in Moab for service and repairs after your off-roading adventure.

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