Logandale Loop – Nevada

St. George Jeepers Trail Report – Feb. 9, 2016

Logandale, Nevada, 13-Mile Loop

Dixie 4 Wheel Drive

You off-road enthusiasts might appreciate this.

It might be very hard to convince anyone who has only driven between Mesquite and Las Vegas, Nevada, on I-15 that there are places in Nevada that are part of “Color Country”. This trail ride today introduced many of us to a region of the red rock geology that is so common to southern Utah. Today’s run included 24 vehicles and was led by Mardy Walker and Mike Hess. Below, gathering for the air-down 3 miles west of Logandale.

Leo and Dee Wingrove enjoy the mid-70’s weather. 

Moving along the trail that skirts the Valley of Fire Nevada State Park. This area is also very popular for hiking, biking, camping, ATVing and an extreme 4WD event known as the Hump and Bump. 

Passing below towering red sandstone cliffs. 

 in a scenic alcove. 

Yes, there was a little dust but no mud! 

Nature’s artwork

Beware of the monster.

Negotiating a minor slickrock obstacle.

Mike Hess directs Leo and Dee Wingrove while Pam Astley photo documents.

Below, taking a short break before moving on.

Going to the Logandale Loop petroglyphs.

The BLM has done a great job of signing the location.

Following is a series of petroglyph photos.

At least C. L., 1931, whoever that was, didn’t put his petroglyphs in with the aboriginal artwork.

Mike Hess framed through a window in the ledge.

The lunch spot wasn’t one of our typical 20 mile panoramas, but it was surrounded by some beautiful red rocks and at the foot of the petroglyph panels. The 74 degree temperature didn’t spoil the mood, either.

Paul Furr, patriarch of the St. George Jeepers, enjoying lunch and the view.

Coils are a common theme.

Below, some well weathered artwork. Notice the sheep in the lower right corner. Based upon weathering, it’s possible that this panel is older than some of the others.

Exploring and photographing the site.

Immediately below is the full panel and below that, the left and right sides of the full panel.

It is easy to understand why the Native Americans, and later the pioneers, spent time here in this valley.

Mike Hess directs Carl Kulyk and friends down obstacle number two.

Another great day on the trail and out in nature. Thanks to the co-leaders Mardy and Mike and Pam Astley for her photos.

Submitted by Bud Sanders 

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