Is It Legal To Drive A Jeep Without Doors?

Nothing beats the thrill of driving on a hot summer’s day with the wind blowing through you. Of course, opening the windows only lets so much breeze through and you still won’t benefit from the sun shining down directly on you. This is why a lot of Jeep owners consider removing the doors of their Jeep. Not only can this look great, but it can help you to feel more connected with nature while you’re out and about too. 

Of course, this is a relatively major modification that can only be carried out by professionals and, if you’re considering carrying it out, you’re going to want to make sure that this change you’re making to your vehicle is compliant with the law. This will prevent you from facing legal consequences and having to revert the changes soon after making them. Here’s some more information on Jeep door removal and whether it’s something you can try out for your own vehicle.


One of the key issues that many states have with the removal of doors on a Jeep is that this results in the vehicle’s mirrors being removed, as these are traditionally attached to the sides of the doors. This can reduce driving safety, as you may not be able to easily see behind or to the side of your vehicle while maintaining your focus on the road ahead. 

As such, many states have implemented rules that mean you have to reattach mirrors to your jeep once the doors have been removed if you want to continue driving on public roads. The rules will largely depend on where you live and where you’re going to drive your jeep.

States that require at least one mirror include:

  • Alabama

  • New Mexico

  • Indiana

  • Illinois

  • Montana

  • Texas

  • Utah

States that require two mirrors include:

  • California

  • Oklahoma

Why Remove Jeep Doors?

If you’re considering customizing your build by removing the doors, you should have a good reason behind it. So, why might you want to remove your jeep’s doors? One major reason people make this modification is aesthetics. A Jeep without doors can simply look better, standing out from the crowd and helping your 4×4 more easily identifiable amongst the rest. A second reason is freedom and the thrill while driving. When you have no doors, you’re more connected to the outside world, can feel the wind blowing past you and feel more connected with nature. A third reason is customization. It can be easier to customize the interiors of a jeep without doors, providing you with more scope when it comes to making this vehicle truly yours.

Non-Legal Considerations

Of course, you may be able to legally drive your jeep without doors, but it’s good to think the entire move over before going ahead with this modification. Doorless jeeps are ideal for some, but you don’t want to remove the doors, only to find that the change doesn’t suit your lifestyle or isn’t practical for you. Some key considerations to consider include:

  • Safety – at the end of the day, doors do provide a good safety feature for all cars. They enclose the space, protecting you from the elements or anything that could otherwise come through the doors and harm you. This could range from flying debris to wildlife. Doors also help to protect you in the instances of a crash, preventing another vehicle from coming into direct contact with you.

  • Weather – an enclosed vehicle protects you from the weather, meaning that if it rains, sleets, hails or snows, you won’t find yourself wet. When you remove the doors, not only will you be completely exposed to the elements, but your seats, interiors, electronics and other elements of the car will be too. This is why we recommend door removal for locations that are mostly sunny and dry, and when you have a garage to store your jeep in should the weather turn.

  • Comfort if you plan to drive your Jeep in colder weather, or during the winter months, lacking doors can cause a cold or chilly environment to drive in. Again, doorless Jeeps are best suited to locations that have warm or hot weather year round, where the lack of doors allows a comfortable breeze through the vehicle.

If you’d like further advice on modifying your Jeep or want to learn more about door removal in particular, get in touch. We’re specialists in 4×4 custom builds and will be able to provide you with all the information you need to make the right decision for you and your vehicle.

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