How To Create An Armored Jeep: Fender Flares, Bumpers, Skid Plates & Armor

Jeeps are built to be driven hard but leaving paved surfaces for off-road trails can take a heavy toll on your ride. Jagged rocks, hidden tree stumps, gravel plus lots of dirt and dust can be unforgiving on your vehicle’s exterior. The paint can chip, plastic housings can crack and the vehicle can sustain lots of other dents and scratches. This is why you need an armored Jeep.

Unfortunately, most Jeep owners come to realize the hard way that the stock parts that come with their vehicles aren’t really designed to withstand the rigors of off-roading. Putting armor on your Jeep helps protect its vulnerable areas from off-roading hazards. Additionally, it will save you from spending a ton of cash replacing worn out or damaged parts.

Essential Protection for Your Armored Jeep

At Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we stock a variety of protective pieces and vehicle armor and we have the expertise needed to modify your 4×4 any way you want.

Here are some parts you should look into purchasing:

  1. Jeep Skid Plates

Climbing over boulders and tearing down rugged terrain can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s undercarriage. Fitting your Jeep with skid plates will help protect your drivetrain, fuel tank, oil pan and other essential parts. You might also consider getting evaporation skid plates especially if you have added a suspension lift kit.

  1. Armor Packages

While your Jeep has a tough exterior, it could still use a little extra protection from body armor to keep away scuffs and scratches. Armor also gives your Jeep an aggressive appearance that’s sure to turn heads. There are different types of armor, some are magnetic for easy installation and removal while some have to be bolted on. You can choose from full side armor, cowl covers, door sill plates, rear corner guards or limb risers.

  1. Fender Flares For Your Jeep

Don’t forget that your wheels and tires also need all the protection they can get. Fender flares do the job really well. They’re fitted directly over the wheel well and can be contoured to match your 4×4’s body lines. That way, they’ll deflect dirt and other debris being thrown against your Jeep’s side as you tear down the trail.

  1. Jeep Specialized Bumpers

Bumpers not only give your Jeep a badass look, but they also bear the brunt of off-roading abuse. Give your Jeep a set of front and rear bumpers and you’ll rest easy knowing you won’t get any unsightly scrapes, scratches or damage on your ride.

  1. Rocker Sliders and Guards

Driving over harsh terrain can shred your vehicle’s sides if you’re not careful. That’s why getting rocker protection is a good idea. These will provide protection from rocks, bushes, tree limbs, random shopping carts and those guys who open their doors a little too hard in parking lots.

Your Jeep is a huge investment and we at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive can help you protect it from off-roading obstacles while giving you the unique custom build you’ve always wanted. Pay us a visit today.

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