How Advanced Technology Is Transforming the Off-Roading Experience

Off-roading has always been an interesting pastime and thanks to advancements in technology, it’s now become more thrilling and safer than ever to hit the trails. In past years, when you went off-roading, you would either lose your way, sustain vehicle damage, or even worse. These days, advanced technology is doing most of the heavy lifting, taking some of the danger away from off-roading while leaving most of the thrill.

Modern off-roading rigs come packed with tech and gadgets that are slowly revolutionizing the off-roading experience – from better, more durable LED lights to 360-degree angle cameras to electronic sensors that can carry out real-time vehicle diagnostics.

While all these are great to have, some drivers, especially novice off-roaders, may gain a sense of false confidence thinking that the various gadgets and systems can do everything. Even though you’ve equipped your vehicles with the latest in off-roading tech, remember that they aren’t a substitute for your skill.

Here are some of the ways advanced tech is transforming the off-roading experience:

Improved navigation systems

Gone are the days you’d head out on the trail only to get turned around and lost. These days with advanced mapping tech and upgraded GPS systems, you can easily map out where you are and navigate to your destination. Some of these improved navigation systems can also provide real-time updates on the weather, traffic, and any other conditions you may need to be aware of during your trip, ensuring you’re well-prepared at all times.

Advanced camera systems

Off-roading vehicles nowadays come with an array of cameras – from those that assist you when backing up to those that give you a 360-degree angle view all around the vehicle. The latter can act as your electronic spotter, making it easier to squeeze between boulders and other tight spaces without messing up your paint job.

Advanced safety features

Let’s face it, off-roading comes with some danger, depending on the terrain you want to explore. While this may get your adrenaline pumping, getting into an accident in a remote area can be disastrous. Now thanks to technology, your ride comes equipped with safety features like an anti-locking braking system or electronic stability control to help keep you and your passengers safe as you take to the trails.

Better communication systems

If you’re off-roading in a group with your friends or other avid off-roaders, you’ll need a way to keep in touch with each other. Advanced communication systems come in handy, especially in areas with poor reception, and help you keep tabs on each other and coordinate your movement. Having an updated communication system can also save your life should you ever run into trouble out on the trails.

Advanced vehicle performance

Off-roading vehicles now come equipped with systems that help boost their performance on rugged terrain. This includes adjustable suspension systems, powerful engines, brakes and transmission systems, and high-performance tires for different terrain, among others. The better off-roading performance gives you greater stability and control and allows you to explore different terrain and more trails than ever before.

Improved terrain management systems

Nearly all off-roading vehicles come with some form of the terrain management system, just under different names. With the push of a button, you can automatically change your vehicle’s suspension or differential performance or even the transmission. This goes a long way to help you drive more comfortably on terrains such as snow or sand without getting stuck.

Better entertainment systems

An off-roading trip would really suck if there was no entertainment, especially if your kids are tagging along. Having a better entertainment system on board helps avoid boredom on those long trips and also comes in handy should you choose to camp out. Just be careful that you don’t get so caught up in the entertainment that it distracts you to lose focus on the trail.

We Can Upgrade You

At Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, off-roading is in our blood. As the leading 4WD off-roading store in Utah, we keep abreast of all advanced tech and use some of these gadgets and systems when making our custom builds.

We know what it takes to improve your rig’s off-roading performance, from a suspension upgrade as part of your truck modifications or a better navigation system for your modified Jeep. We also offer different 4×4 vehicle build packages for regular service and maintenance. Drop by our auto store in St. George today and take a look at our custom builds and other 4WD services. We’re always happy to help.

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