Off Roading Trip to Davidson Graves and Three Corners Monument or Devil's Cove and Devil's Throat

by | Jan 22, 2019

Tuesday, February 26: Davidson Graves and Three Corners Monument, (Tri-State). Meet 8:15 am, (Nevada Time), 3rd Mesquite Exit – Eagle Plaza Truck Stop. This is an historic trail ride following some of the Mormon Wagon Trail. Lead = Hayes, Rated 3.
Tuesday, February 26: Devil’s Cove and Devil’s Throat. Meet 8:00 am, (Nevada Time), 3rd Mesquite Exit – Eagle Plaza Truck Stop.This is a beautiful drive down Hell’s Kitchen Canyon to Devil’s Throat on Colorado River, including a couple of grave sites. Lead = Bud Sanders, Rated 3. 
*Remember: CB Radio, Air-Up and Air-Down equipment, lunch, camp chairs, layered clothing. These Trail Rides are all, Long Days.
*If anyone has a suggestion for Trail Rides, and if you would like to Lead a Trail Ride, please let me know.

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