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Frisco Mountain Mine or Last Chance Canyon, Last Chance Knoll, Rattlesnake Canyon

Date of Event: 
10/09/2018 - 8:30am

The following 2 Trail Rides are scheduled for Tuesday, October 9, 2018: 

(1): Frisco Mountain Mine. Meet 9:00 am, Enterprise Junction store/gas. Very interesting mine site and buildings. Lead = Scott Goodfellow, Rated = 2-3.
(2): Last Chance Canyon, Last Chance Knoll, Rattlesnake Canyon. Meet Highway 7 & River Road Junction, 8:30 am. Lead = Hayes, Rated 3.
 Both of these runs are long day. Bring camp chairs, lunch, snacks, jackets, Air-Up and Air-Down equipment, and CB Radio.
Watch emails for cancellations due to weather.

St. George Jeeper's Group Form Application - Click Here

Reminder For Dixie & Other Local Events: We suggest you bring a CB Radio, Air-up and Air-down equipment, camp chair, lunch, sun hat, etc.

Also, since there are often new members, we will mention some general rules to live by and strict rules of the St. George Jeeper's Group:

  1. Keep up with the rig in front of you and make sure whenever you make a turn on to another trail, wait for the rig behind you.
  2. Bring a whip flag for Sand Mountain Trail Rides
  3. Dogs, who are NOT socialized, must be muzzled when outside of enclosed rig
  4. No ATV's allowed on St. George Jeeper's Group Tuesday Trail Rides
  5. We encourage everyone to join UPLA -

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