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Barracks - Off Road Trail Ride By Dixie 4 Wheel Drive

Date of Event: 
02/22/2020 - 8:00am
We are running Barracks on February 22nd at 8 am. 


Come join us on a great long distance trail ride. This is a free trail ride for anyone in a capable vehicle.

You should have at least 31" tires to join.

We will leave from Dixie 4 Wheel Drive at 8:00 am so please arrive a little early.

Make sure you bring lunch, snack and plenty of water.

Trail Notes: Rated 5

  • Length: 20 miles on trail, 115 miles highway and county rd
  • Min Tire Size: 31+ inches
  • Winch: No
  • Front Locker: No
  • Rear Locker: No