The Dixie 4 Wheel Drive Moab location will be permanently closing as of October 29th 2021

Our Moab location will be permanently closing as of October 29th 2021. We would still love to see all of you in our St. George location!! 

To Our Customer, Vendors and Affiliates,

We have made the difficult decision to close our Moab Dixie 4 Wheel Drive facility. We opened our Moab location in 2018 and have gained a great appreciation of the Moab area and the long history it has with our industry. We have faced many challenges that have led to our decision to close this location. The biggest issue for that area is finding and keeping employees in a seasonal tourism based community with such a high cost of living threshold. As a family business we have put a strain on the owners as they took turns living in Moab away from their homes and families while running that location. We met so many great customers and made strong vendor connections that we hope will carry on through our St. George location. Our last operating day will be October 29th 2021. We have sold the property to Moab Off Road Compound that neighbors the shop’s property. We are excited to see what they will do with the property and for any questions regarding that property’s future contact Damon Cardone 435-590-3295.

For any question regarding Dixie 4 Wheel Drive please contact Tara Thompson 435-673-2546.

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