Dixie 4 Wheel Drive Highlighted As SEMA: TORA Retailer of the Year 2020

Recently, Dixie 4 Wheel Drive was announced as the TORA Retailer of the Year 2020.

To say we are thrilled would be an understatement. We are honored and blown away by being the recipients of such a prestigious award and having our work recognized alongside other giants of the industry who we’ve long looked up to. We are truly thankful to TORA for this recognition as well as our wonderful customers who have made this achievement possible.

The TORA Retailer of the Year Award was established to recognize an outstanding light truck and off-roading accessory retailer whose accomplishments have enhanced the stature and growth of the truck and off-road industry. Winning this award and having our work appreciated at such a level gives us positive reinforcement and motivation to keep providing the exemplary service and customer care that our customers have come to expect from us.

In what has largely been a difficult year, winning this award isn’t something we take for granted. To understand why being named the SEMA: TORA Retailer of the Year is a huge deal for us, you’d have to understand who SEMA and TORA are.

What is SEMA?

SEMA stands for Specialty Equipment Market Association. This is a non-profit trade association that started in 1963. In the beginning, it was an association of small manufactures who mainly supplied speed performance equipment for early hot rods. Back then all the members of SEMA were themselves founders of companies that exclusively produced speed equipment.

Now more than 50 years later, the organization boasts of having thousands of companies among their ranks. These range from designers, producers, and suppliers of specialty products ranging from performance products for street and race applications to appearance accessories for light-trucks and other off-roaders. Most of the original companies that founded the organization have gone on to become large corporations recognized both nationally and internationally for their products.

Nowadays SEMA consists of a diverse group of manufactures, retailers, distributors, auto restorers, specialty stores, car clubs, race teams, and many more. They all come together under the organization thanks to a love for cars, trucks, and SUVs.

SEMA also organizes the SEMA Show, an annual event. This is an event that serves as a leading venue bringing together manufacturers and buyers in the automotive specialty equipment industry.

Background Information on TORA

TORA is a SEMA Council dedicated to the truck and off-road industry. TORA stands for Truck and Off-Road Alliance and membership is open to companies that manufacture, distribute, sell and/or install accessories for light-duty pickup trucks, vans, and SUVs or provides services to the light-truck accessory industry. Membership now also includes businesses that deal with off-road products such as specialty tires, suspensions, wheels, etc. in the off-road and UTV markets.

TORA’s started out in 1989 when 18 members formed the Truck Cap Industry Association. This was later renamed the Light Truck Accessories Alliance (LTAA) and the association eventually merged with SEMA in 2000. In 2019, following a meeting that included stakeholders and a discussion with the council’s selected committee, the LTAA made a decision to be more inclusive and embrace the off-road market among its ranks. The aim was to help the off-road industry businesses and market succeed and achieve new heights. The name was later changed from LTAA to TORA. The rebranding was announced at a launch party in Moab, Utah in 2019.

Like all SEMA Councils, TORA provides a niche segment of the automotive aftermarket with a forum to collaborate, network, and address concerns that are specific to that segment.

The Dixie 4 Wheel Drive Promise

Being the recipient of an award that’s given to those whose industriousness, creativity, and accomplishments have contributed to the success of the light-truck and off-road aftermarket is no mean feat.

As the Dixie 4 Wheel Drive General Manager, Tara Thompson said in her acceptance speech, we owe it all to our fantastic customers who have supported us and given us their business over the years. They are the reason we have managed to grow our business and we now have 2 full-service off-road superstores in Moab and St. George, Utah.

Dixie 4 Wheel Drive is the leading influencer of off-road culture in Utah and we have been building custom trucks and other 4X4 vehicles for avid rock crawlers since 1994. During that time we have earned a reputation for hard work, skilled craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

Our customers’ satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. That is why we continuously look for ways to give them our best service based on the 3 Es- Educate, Excite, and Execute. When a customer comes to our shop, we ask them their vision for their rigs and work with them to help that vision come true. One of the ways we educate customers is by displaying vehicles on the shop floor and explaining what they’re likely to experience on the trail and why they’ll need certain 4×4 mods and upgrades to boost their vehicle’s off-roading performance.

We have a passion for off-roading and we love sharing our knowledge with our customers. To this end, we hold in-person classes and trail riding events to introduce our new customers to the off-roading lifestyle and teach them how to safely navigate the trails.

The next time you’re in Utah, why not drop by one of our off-roading superstores? We are always happy to talk shop and will be glad to exchange tips and ideas on how to improve your four-wheeler. If you’re planning an off-roading adventure, be sure to come in and ask about our Trail Prep and Safety Packages designed to ensure that your rig is in top condition to take on whatever you throw at it out on the trail.

Again, winning the TORA Retailer of the Year Award is a huge honor. We dedicate that win to all our new and returning customers and promise to keep meeting and exceeding all your expectations.


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