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Custom Truck 4X4 Modifications In Utah

You’ve bought a truck and as the initial giddiness wears off, you start thinking of ways to increase its off-road capabilities. But where the heck do you start? With so many products, modifications and upgrades on the market, it’s easy to get confused. That’s why you need a specialized off-road shop like Dixie 4 Wheel Drive to help transform your 4X4 vehicle. To give you a little inspiration, we’ve assembled some of the top custom truck modifications and upgrades we think truck owners should consider first.

Upgraded Truck Shocks

The stock shocks from car manufacturers are designed for street driving and maybe a tame dirt road. Hitting rough trails at high-speeds makes the oil in these shocks heat up and foam which in turn causes the shocks to lose their dampening ability. Save yourself from this fate by swapping them for sturdier aftermarket shocks with larger pistons and piston rods for better heat dissipation. You’ll also need to change your shocks should you decide to go with bigger wheels since most stock shocks are only meant to be used with factory tires.

An Improved Truck Air Intake System

If you’re looking to give your truck a resonant sound, more speed and better trail performance, then an upgraded intake system is what you need. A modified intake and filter will supply more clean air to the combustion chambers, giving your engine more power and torque to conquer stubborn obstacles. Plus have we mentioned it makes your truck sound badass?

Custom Truck Exhaust System Upgrades

An upgraded intake system will give your engine resonance but a custom exhaust and muffler will get that sound to a deep, throaty roar that will have heads turning. However, it’s not all for show. While factory exhaust systems are intended to be quieter, they certainly don’t factor in your truck’s performance. A custom exhaust will increase airflow to your engine, boosting its torque and power while reducing turbulence and back pressure.

4X4 Truck Suspension Upgrades and Modifications

Low ground clearance spells trouble when you go off-roading. You’ll either end up damaging your undercarriage or flooding the engine if you get into water. Modifying your suspension will not only allow your truck to handle difficult terrain like a champ but also permit you to install larger tires if necessary. Your truck will look more intimidating too, towering over other cars.

Bigger Truck Wheels

Why own a truck if you can’t have fun with it? Leave onlookers impressed by adding a set of hot wheels to your rig. Get a set of chrome, black or color rims in a design and finish that matches your personality and adds just the right touch of style to your ride.

Beefier Truck Tires

Don’t forget to upgrade your rubbers as you sort out your wheels. While we think bigger tires will make your truck look awesome, there’s more to it than that. They also increase your truck’s off-road prowess by providing more traction and they last a whole lot longer than stock tires. Keep in mind that different tires are designed to handle different off-road scenarios so understand your regular off-road environment first then get your truck the best tires for the job.

Better Truck Braking Systems

High-performance brakes are a must-have upgrade especially if you’re going to do a lot of rock crawling or blazing through rough terrain at high speeds. Factory issue brakes are safe and efficient but they aren’t meant to handle modifications to your truck. Any modification to your 4X4 is likely to increase the vehicle’s weight, calling for larger tires so you need better brakes to counter these effects. Modifying your brake discs, calipers and rotors can add more brake force to your system so your brakes won’t let you down when you need them most.

Superior Lights For Your Truck

Nighttime off-roading can be challenging for the best of us. Exchange your head and tail lights for powerful LEDs to light up the trail and maximize your visibility at night. We can help you select from a wide array of LEDs that throw sharp bright light in any direction you want while drawing less amps than standard lights.

More Traction Action

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as getting stuck then having your wheels spinning endlessly with zero movement. You can avoid this by installing a locking or limited-slip differential that locks wheels together, forcing them to spin at the same speed. This greatly increases your truck’s movability by giving you the increased grip and traction you need to handle challenging trails.

Other Truck Custom Upgrades & Modifications to Consider

When it comes to truck modifications, the possibilities are pretty much endless. Other than the necessities we’ve listed above, you can opt to add more accessories both for your convenience and to make your truck stand out. Bring your truck to Dixie 4 Wheel Drive and we’ll help you choose from the wide array of goodies available for truck owners including:

  • Step bars

  • Bed liners

  • Mud flaps

  • Bull bars or grill guards

  • Mobile air compressors

  • Roof racks

  • Undercarriage protection plates

  • Winches

  • Custom floor liners

  • A custom paint job

We Can Trick Out Your Truck

Drawing from decades of experience, our team strives to deliver exceptional custom truck builds for each of our clients. Whether you want to use your truck for hauling goods or you just want a 4X4 for cruising down the highway, we have the equipment, expertise, parts and the passion needed to bring the rig of your dreams to life. Contact us or visit any of our locations today and let’s get started on your dream truck.

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