Custom Side-By-Side 4X4 (SXS, UTV & ROV)

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As the owner of a side-by-side 4×4, you’re no doubt scheming to take it out on all sorts of off-road adventures. Here in Utah, we have hundreds of off-road trails that are perfect for rock crawling, mudding or sand storming. But before you go off-roading, your UTV will need a few modifications to ensure it attacks those rough terrains with finesse. At Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we know what it takes to enhance your vehicle’s performance and style. Here are a few modifications to start with:

A Sturdy Built Roll Cage

If you plan to drive your UTV really hard (like you should) an upgraded, nicely-constructed roll cage should be top on your list. Even though manufacturers test their cages for strength and durability, we’ve seen some vehicles take a nasty tumble, completely destroying their stock cages. So get a beefed up upgraded roll cage with plenty of headroom for maximum safety on the trail.

Comfortable suspension seats and harnesses

When off-roading, long days on the trail are the norm and they can be brutal on your back and body. Unlike factory seats, suspension seats are designed with your comfort in mind. They are cushioned and specially-made to absorb impact from bumpy terrain so you can concentrate on navigating the trails. You can even get seats that match your side-by-side’s exterior for a flashy look. If you’re springing for seats, choose a 4 or 5 point harness to make sure you stay safely strapped in when taking abrupt corners or hitting sharp bumps.

Quality 4×4 shock upgrades

A good set of shocks will go a long way towards making your ride more comfortable and less jarring. You have two options here- you can either keep your stock shocks and have them re-valued for better off-road performance or go for bigger aftermarket shocks that are built for endurance. Either way, you need to upgrade your shocks for better handling and greater durability.

More vehicle ground clearance

Your UTV needs adequate ground clearance to crawl over rocks, creep over cliffs or speed through mud and water. At some point, you’re going to hit rocks and without ground clearance, you’ll snag your 4x4s belly, causing some serious damage. Avoid all this by getting the right suspension lift kit, with extra clearance on your A-arms. This will keep you scaling those jagged surfaces with no problem.

Rugged off roading tires and wheels

While stock tires are great, they rarely stand up to the rigors of off-roading. Upgrade to durable, meatier tires that can take on any terrain you throw at them. Our inventory has a wide selection of side-by-side tires with deep treads and enough grip to pull you out of the gnarliest spots on the trail. You can choose from mud tires, sand drifters or paddle tires depending on the terrain you want to conquer. While you’re at it, grab some beadlock wheels to keep your tires from burping air as you tear up the terrain.

A strong bumper winch

Anyone planning to take on tough off-road trails should get a winch mounted on their rig. This piece of equipment will come in handy when you need to be hauled from a tight spot. You can also be the hero who tows other UTVs that get stuck when traversing rough terrain. There are several options including those that can be fitted on your vehicle’s grille and those that are mounted on the bumper. Our 4 wheel experts will help you choose the right winch and cable to meet your needs.

Performance lighting for night riding

Nighttime riding is half the fun of going off-road. Don’t let your enjoyment end when the darkness creeps in. Get some performance lighting to light your way during those late night trail runs. With high-output LED light bars on your roof and bumper, you can throw enough light to illuminate any hazards in your way. Lights and lighting accessories come in a range of lengths, styles and brands so you can find something to complement your ride.

Upgraded performance exhaust system

Upgrading to a high-performance exhaust system is a quick way to squeeze a little more horsepower from your side-by-side. Most aftermarket exhausts not only increase off-road performance but also improve your rig’s look and finish. Install one of these and have your UTV sounding like a beast!

Protection with a windshield, doors and a roof

Technically, your side-by-side can do without a windshield. However, off-roading is messy and having bugs, dust or mud thrown in your face gets old really fast. Choose from a selection of soft, half or flip-up windshields and keep the wind and debris off your face as you speed down the trails.

Most UTVs nowadays come with doors already installed. We recommend getting new aftermarket doors as they often have better designs and latching mechanisms than stock ones. Having doors might not seem like a big deal when driving through the desert, but you’ll be glad for the extra protection when on a muddy terrain or where branches and scrubs are in plenty.

Part of the thrill of riding a side-by-side is feeling the wide open air but you might not like it so much when it starts raining or when the scorching sun starts to burn. A roof offers protection from the elements and can add some flair to your UTV -depending on which one you choose.

Other (SXS, UTV & ROV) mods to trick out your side-by-side:

  • Skid plates

  • Grab handles

  • Whips

  • Sway bar links

  • Cab or bed storage packs or cases

  • Side and rear view mirrors

  • Bumpers and grilles

  • Fire extinguishers

  • Rider apparel and gear

Expert Modification for Your Side-by-Side (SXS, UTV & ROV)

As a premier off-road shop in Utah, we have the aftermarket upgrades to take your UTV from ordinary to extreme. We pride ourselves on meeting all our clients’ expectations and the custom builds we’ve done attest to our expertise and workmanship. So contact us today or pay us a visit and let’s get started on your dream build.