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Custom 4X4 SUV Modifications

So you’re the proud owner of an SUV and you can’t wait to ditch the pavement and take off on an off-road adventure. But before you hit those trails, your SUV is going to need some serious modifications. Whether your 4x4 is fresh off the lot or it has some mileage under the belt, it will still need some work done to make it more capable on the trail.

Here at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we’ve done tons of custom SUV modifications and upgrades so we know just what to do to get your SUV off-road ready.

Off-road friendly tires & wheels

The street tires your SUV comes equipped with aren’t designed for off-road use. You’ll need to switch them up with beefier off-road tires –all-terrain tires or mud tires- depending on where you’ll be doing most of your off-roading. Off-road tires come with deep treads, heavy-duty sidewalls and the right rubber compound to maximize your traction on tough terrain.

Tire & Wheel SUV Upgrades

If you want to make a style statement with your SUV, there are a variety of wheel upgrades to choose from. You can opt for chrome rims, bright silver painted wheels, all black spokes or go platinum to create a distinctive look that will have heads turning.

Modified SUV Suspension

Lifting your suspension will give you adequate ground clearance that is essential if you’re going to spend time traversing harsh terrain, crawling on rocks and crossing streams and rivers. Leaving plenty of space between your SUV and the ground can save you from getting caught on obstacles, damaging your underside or flooding your engine. Most SUVs can comfortably handle a suspension lift of about 1-4 inches as raising your vehicle too high can create problems in handling and can increase chances of tipping over.

A Useful Bumper Winch

This is a must-have if you are planning to go off-roading. With a winch, you can pull yourself or other 4x4s out of tricky situations on the trail. So get a winch installed - unless you fancy spending hours stuck in a rut or ditch in the middle of nowhere, waiting to be rescued.

Locking Differentials for Increased Tire Traction

Most 4x4s come with open differentials already installed ensuring that the wheels with least traction get more power. However, what you want is to send more power to the wheels with more traction, in order to keep your SUV moving forward as you maneuver over obstacles. Locking differentials lock two wheels that share an axle together, making sure that they spin at the same speed and receive equal torque.

Upgraded and Modified Vehicle Armor for Protection

Good armor protects your off-road machine from damage while you’re busy traversing the great outdoors.

  • Fender flares

    • These fit directly over the wheel well and are contoured to match the body lines of your 4x4. Their main purpose is to deflect dirt and other debris thrown by the tires from hitting the sides of the truck and chipping the paint or something worse. They also ensure that oversized wheels and tires are covered so they don’t protrude too far out.

  • Skid plates

    • If rock crawling is your thing, you’re going to need skid plates to protect the underside of your vehicle from being shredded by the sharp, jagged edges of the rocks you’re driving over. These are fitted under the vehicle to protect the oil pan, gas tank, differentials, engine, transfer case and other vulnerable components.

  • Brush and Grille Guards

    • The unforeseen hazards on a trail just add to the fun of off-roading. Unfortunately, the low branches, thick undergrowth and unexpected boulders can also do significant damage to your four-wheeler. Brush and grille guards give added protection against these hazards while also giving your SUV some attitude!

  • Front Bull Bar

    • We’ll admit it- a bull bar does make your SUV look more badass! But other than aesthetics, a bull bar protects the vital parts of your car like the radiator and also provides a handy location to mount spotlights, a winch or aerial.

  • Rock sliders

    • These provide excellent protection for your rocker panels and can also double up as a step if you’ve lifted your SUV.

Good Shocks & Suspension

Your shocks might stay out of sight but that doesn’t mean they’re not important. There are crucial in controlling the suspension and handling of your 4x4 rig. However, stock shocks just aren’t meant to handle the stress of off-road driving and will eventually lose their damping strength if you constantly drive over hard trails. For better off-road performance, swap them with a set of quality aftermarket shocks. You also need to replace them if you increase your wheel and tire size as well.

More Braking Power

Brakes are essential if you’re planning to speed your SUV through rough trails, dirt and mud or crawling over boulders. The brakes that your SUV comes equipped with are safe and efficient but you’re going to need an upgrade to conquer the outdoors. You’ll also need more braking power if you’ve changed your tire size or made modifications that impact your vehicle’s weight. To avoid trouble on the trail, get brakes, pads, rotors and calipers that are specially designed for durability and off-roading.

Also Think About Getting These Other Custom 4X4 Vehicle Modifications

    • Lights and lighting accessories

    • Exhaust modifications

    • Mobile air compressor

    • Custom interior upgrade with bespoke upholstery and floor liners

    • Roof racks for additional storage

    • Chrome and billet accessories

    • Entry guards

    • Recovery gear

Contact Us For The Best Custom SUV Modifications

We’ve been doing custom 4X4 modifications for decades and we’ve done several amazing custom SUV builds over the years. Our 4x4 specialists will work with you to find the right gadgets and modifications to give your SUV class, style and functionality. To get started, call or visit Dixie 4 Wheel Drive off-road shop in St. George Utah.

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