Custom Jeep & Truck Lift And Suspension Packages

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Trucks and Jeeps were built to be taken off-road. For you, that might be a quiet dirt road. Or perhaps sand dunes get your juices pumping. If you’re located in southern Utah, we’re sure you love crawling over that slippery sand stone. At Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we especially love taking our 4×4 vehicles out for our regular club rides. Your vehicle’s standard factory suspension will typically provide a good balance between ride quality and handling, but by changing out things like springs, shocks, stabilizer, or track bars, and gaining more ground clearance, you can dramatically help the vehicle’s off-road performance without affecting ride quality. Learn more about our custom Jeep & Truck lift and suspension packages.

Popular Brands For Truck & Jeep Lift and Suspension Packages

  • Quadratec
  • AEV
  • JKS
  • FOX
  • Rubicon
  • Mopar
  • Teraflex

Like any modification to your off-road vehicle, choosing to lift your Jeep or truck is a tricky choice. If you install the wrong components, you’ll be left with a finicky vehicle that handles poorly. When looking to add ground clearance to your 4×4 vehicle, you first want to consider what it is you plan on doing with your ride. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is your off-road vehicle being used for?
  • What size and type of tires would you like to use?
  • What are you willing to spend on your lift?

Most 4×4 vehicle owners will use them on paved roads as well as dirt. A small lift will usually do the trick for this crowd. At Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we’ve installed lifts of all sizes for vehicles that run through all sorts of terrain.

Former TeraFlex Vice President Jeff Mock states, “Most people think the higher they go, the better the lift.  That they need higher ground clearance to clear bigger tires and four-wheel better.  I’ve always thought the opposite.  The lower you go, the lower you stay, and the more stable your Jeep.  I usually get [33’s with] a 2.5 – 3 inch lift.”

Basically the tire size and lift kit go hand in hand. Determine first which size tire you’ll have on your vehicle. Then, base your lift height off the tire. If you use your off-road vehicle for in-town errands, commuting to work, or carting around the kids, a manageable lift will be easier for everyone.

Jeep & Truck Lift Kit and Suspension Options

Every make, model, and year of car will be considered when choosing a lift kit. The size of the car, the lift in height, and the tire size will all have to correlate. But generally speaking, you can lift most 4×4 vehicles 1” to 6”+. A lift kit will vary in required accessories based on the height of the lift. A 1” lift will likely only require coil spacers placed under the stock springs to give it a little bump in front height with long shackles in the rear.

A smaller lift has the following benefits:

  • The factory ride is maintained

  • Very inexpensive so you don’t break the bank

  • Quick and very easy to install

  • There are rarely any installation complications

  • Very few future mechanical issues related to lift

A larger lift kit is more complicated. Anything over 2”+ comes with the following pros and cons:

  • These are the most expensive lifts; even more so should you venture into coil overs

  • Complications are to be expected since some lifts basically re-design the entire front-end geometry

  • This is for the serious off road enthusiast

Body Lift For A Cheap 1-3 Inch Gain On Jeeps & Trucks

An inexpensive way to lift your Jeep is a simple Body Lift. It may reduce ride quality, but you can gain 1-3 inches in lift.


  • Allows for larger tires

  • Less of a change to center of gravity

  • No change to driveline angles

  • Gives extra room to allow for high clearance skid plates

  • No need for slip yoke eliminator

  • 1-1.25 inch body lifts work well with suspension lifts

Come in and speak with our team members to learn about more lift options for your 4×4 vehicle.

  • Coil Spring Spacers

  • Short Arm Lifts

  • Wrangler Long Arm Lifts

Custom Suspension Packages For Jeep Wranglers…

To increase to 33” tires, you won’t need much of a lift. You can typically perform a 1.5” lift and have enough clearance for 33” tires. This will require front and rear spring spacers, shock spacers, longer front sway bar links, and extensions for the front and rear brake lines.

To increase to 35” tires, you’ll need at least a 2.5” lift. You’ll need front and rear springs, shocks, brake line extensions, sway bar links, top/bottom front control arms, and track bars.

To increase to 37” tires, you’ll need a lift kit that gives you at least 3.5”+. This kit will include front and rear springs, shocks, brake lines, sway bar links, top/bottom front/rear control arms, and track bars.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional custom Jeep builds for all our clients.

There are so many manufacturers today that make great lift kits. But our experts can help you to determine exactly which components will work best for your vehicle and activity of choice. We can eliminate the guesswork for you and have you 4×4 vehicle lifted and ready to go in no time. Give us a call today.

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