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Choosing Where to Mount Your Off-Road Jeep Lights

Any off-roading junkie knows that nighttime driving is part of the adventure. If you’re having fun pushing your 4x4 machine to the limit, why stop when the sun goes down? With nighttime off-roading being so popular, it’s surprising that most manufacturers haven’t caught on and 4x4s still come equipped with standard forward-facing lighting.

This explains why lighting upgrades are some of the most popular Jeep modifications we carry out here at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive. Putting some additional lighting on your ride maximizes nighttime visibility from different angles and directions, illuminating any obstacles on various sides of your vehicle and making for a much safer off-roading experience.

Once you’ve purchased the right off-road lights to suit your needs, the next step is to figure out where to mount them on your Jeep.

The 3 most common locations to mount your off-road Jeep lights are:

  1. The bumper

  2. The windshield pillars

  3. Above the windshield.

The bumper

This is the simplest (and most popular) location to mount your aftermarket lights due to the ease of installation. These days most aftermarket Jeep bumpers come with built-in lighting mounts that simplify installation. Additionally, your Jeep’s bumper is the perfect location for placing fog lights since it’s low to the ground, allowing the light to travel a fair distance in front of the vehicle.

On the downside, the front bumper only allows you to mount lights that point in the same direction and angle as your OEM headlights (straight ahead) so they aren’t much use for throwing light in new, different areas. For this reason, it’s a good idea to combine them with lights mounted in other locations.

The windshield pillars

This is another popular location for mounting additional off-road lights, especially for Jeep Wranglers which come with existing windshield mounting hardware. If you own a different Jeep model, some drilling may be necessary to mount the lights.

This location is ideal for spotlights because they can easily be adjusted and angled outwards to increase your visibility to the sides of your four-wheeler. Be careful not to install lights that are too large on the lower windshield pillars as this might limit your field of vision when driving.

Above your windshield or on the A-Pillar

The A-pillar on your Jeep- or its equivalent depending on your model- is the perfect location for mounting spot or floodlights or a combination of the two. This location allows your lights to illuminate a much wider area which comes in handy if you’re off-roading in a place with wide open spaces. Keep in mind that lights mounted on this location increase your Jeep’s height and take away some inches off your clearance.

Mounting additional lighting systems is just one of the many tasks we undertake at our specialized 4x4 shop. Our Dixie 4 Wheel Drive experts will be happy to help you install lights on your Jeep to brighten your off-roading trips.

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