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Troys Tacoma

This truck was built to ride as good as it looks. With the 2.5 remote reservior coilovers that are totally adjustable to set the ride height exactly where the customer wants while gaining huge amounts of ride quality both on and offroad paired up with the 2.5 shocks in the rear and add-a-leaf to handle more weight in the bed. Finished off with the black FUEL wheels to match the black logos around the whole truck and rollling on TOYO MTs.

Vehicle Type: 
Wheels & Tires: 
FUEL Rebel D679 20x9 6x139.7 +1
LT295/55R20/10 123/120P TOY OPEN COUNTRY MT
Suspension & Steering: 
Toytec Boss 2.5 Front Aluma Series Remote Reservoir Coilovers
Toytec 2.5 Aluma Series IFP Rear Shocks
Toytec Add-a-Leafs with U-Bolts and Shims

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