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  • Jefferson's 2003 F-350 Wheels And Lift Upgrades

  • Bo's 2017 GMC Sierra 3500 HD Custom Build

  • Erica's 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon

  • Bulloch's White 2018 Rubicon WRANGLER JLU

  • Poor mans 55

  • Bonnie's 54 525 Classic Jeep Willys Pickup

  • Dixie 4 Wheel Drives Custom Built Hemi 2018 Jeep JL1

  • Evan's 2018 High Country Silverado Custom Truck Modification

  • Troys Platinum Super Duty Truck Modification

  • Fred's Super Duty Custom Truck Modification


Our team at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive have done hundreds of custom 4X4 builds and even more modifications to off-road enthusiasts’ vehicles from around the nation. With a full service shop inside a 12,000 square foot warehouse, and loads of passion, we’re equipped to tackle any project. If you’ve dreamt of building the rock crawler of your dreams, we can bring those dreams to life. Contact any one of our locations to discuss the possibilities when building or modifying your very own 4x4 vehicle.

Featured Custom Builds By Dixie 4 Wheel Drive

Necessary 4X4 Upgrades and Modifications For Off-Roading Vehicles

If you currently own an off-road vehicle and are interested in ways it can be modified for safer, sturdier off-roading, we can modify your vehicle for better 4x4 performance. Plenty of our customers bring us their Jeeps, trucks, FJ Cruisers, Buggies, and more to have them fitted for a number of 4X4 mods.

Shock Upgrades and Modifications - Stock shocks from the car manufacturer are not designed for much more than a measly dirt road - even in off-roading vehicles like trucks and Jeeps. Over-used shocks develop a foamy oil due to heat build up. This causes your shocks to lose their dampening strength. You’ll need to replace your shocks if you decide to increase your wheel size as well. Most stock shocks are designed to work with factory-sized tires.

Exhaust Upgrades and Modifications - For 4x4 activities and off-roading, your exhaust needs to be up to par. Factory exhausts are designed with noise control in mind over efficiency. An aftermarket exhaust will provide the air flow your engine needs to reduce backpressure and turbulence.

Tire Upgrades and Modifications - Stock tires on off-road vehicles can be vastly improved with a set of more aggressive tires. Increasing the width, tread, and height of your tire will increase your footprint for better traction and 4x4 capabilities.

Intake Upgrades and Modifications - Taking your vehicle off road requires modifications to your intake system. A standard intake and filter will not be enough to stand up to the dirt and debris your engine needs. Without the clean air necessary for combustion, you’re going to experience serious problems with your engine.

Suspension Upgrades and Modifications - Everyone knows that ground clearance is vital to rock crawling and off-roading. Without sufficient ground clearance, you risk serious damage to your undercarriage. Modifying your suspension will permit you to have larger tires, more ground clearance, and more fun.

Traction Upgrades and Modifications -  Install a locking or limited-slip differential to improve your rigs grip and movability. This will help prevent instances where your vehicle is stuck because not enough wheels are touching the ground.

Digital Upgrades and Modifications - Newer 4x4 vehicles come with an ECU (engine control unit) programmed with factory settings. Modifying this system can generate more power from your engine by altering top speed settings and rev limits.

Breaking Power Upgrades and Modifications - Your brakes are a vital upgrade, especially if you’re crawling over large objects and going high speeds through dirt and mud. Standard brakes from the factory are not designed with modifications in mind. If making other modifications to your truck or Jeep, you’ll be changing the weight and likely the tire size. These factors should be taken into consideration when modifying your brakes.

Lighting Upgrades and Modifications - Giving yourself every advantage when it comes to your line of sight is huge when you’re navigating rocky terrain. Upgrade your rig with additional lighting for maximized visibility at night.

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