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  • Some of the most popular trails in Moab aren’t the ones that offer hardcore off-roading. Some are just easy trails that deliver terrific scenery and a chance to practice going off-road. After all, not everyone who visits Moab is looking for a hardcore adventure. Some people just want to go on an easy drive taking in the sights, the fantastic desert scenery, and the gorgeous red rock formations in this part of the country.

  • There are days when you feel like heading out on the trails and tackling the toughest obstacles you can find. If this mood regularly strikes you, we invite you to sign up for our Southern Utah trail riding events to experience some of the trails that will satisfy your thirst for off-roading adventures.

  • When off-roading, one of the most effective ways to improve your performance on the trails is by changing your tire pressure. Since the tires are the point of contact between your rig and the surface, it makes sense that modifying them in some way would have an impact on the vehicle’s off-roading performance. In most off-highway situations, this means reducing your tire pressure.

  • Southern Utah is famous for off-roading and some of the most popular trails in the area are in Moab Utah. While avid off-roaders come to this place looking for hardcore off-roading, other visitors are simply looking for a scenic drive to take in the beautiful desert country and landscape. The beauty of this corner of the country is that both tastes are adequately catered for.

  • When working on your custom-built four-wheeler, you have a range of modifications and upgrades to choose from. Some of these mods make your rig look badass while others enhance its off-roading capability. Fender flares are both cosmetic and functional, making them doubly useful whether you’re working on a custom truck or Jeep build.

  • Anyone looking for a variety of off-roading trails would do well to visit Moab. Some of the trails in this part of southern Utah are more popular than others and one of the most well-known trails is Chicken Corners.

  • When we at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive aren’t in our Moab shop working on custom truck builds, we’re out on the trail, wheeling our rigs. We love testing our latest builds against the tough trails, surfaces, and rocks found here in Moab. There’s no better way to spend a day or even an afternoon than going out and enjoying the amazing trail rides that Southern Utah has to offer.

  • Getting stuck is part of off-roading. We can go so far as to say that it’s a rite of passage for novices.

  • Every once in a while, we get customers or visitors to our premier auto shop in Utah who want to try out some of the popular trails in Moab. Next to making custom truck builds, we love nothing more than introducing new off-roaders to the superb off-roading opportunities in Southern Utah.

  • There’s nothing quite like getting out on the trail or going on an extended off-roading trip, spending your days exploring the country, and the nights camping out. Part of the beauty of having a 4x4 truck is that you can haul all the luggage, gear, and supplies you need for your trip with you.