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  • If you're looking for an off road trail that combines challenging terrain with stunning vista views then the Poison Spider Mesa trail is the one for you. You will need a suitable vehicle for this trail, one that is mechanically sound. You will also require some experience since the trail is rated a grade 7 trail. However, the Poison Spider Mesa trail really does deliver and is further enhanced by the spectacular Where Eagles Dare extension.

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  • Honestly, the best thing about off-roading in Moab is the variety. Whether you want to take time and enjoy the stunning scenery, or you’re after a hardcore trail that’ll put you and your machine to the test; Moab has got the one for you. 

  • The holidays may be over but that doesn’t mean we can’t gift off-roaders in our lives. After all, who doesn’t love receiving gifts? Plus they are more special when they’re unexpected.

    Whether you’re shopping for a newbie to ensure they can navigate their way around out on the trails or for an off-roader with decades of experience under their belt, our list of affordable gifts has something for everyone. Even better, you don’t have to break the bank or hurt your wallet to get these gifts.

  • The Top of the World Trail is a 30.4km back trail located near Moab, Utah. It's moderately trafficked out and offers spectacular, scenic views to all who get to the top. It's called the Top of the World because of the sheer height and breathtaking view from the top, and this back trail is rated as a difficult one! Mostly used for hiking and biking, off road drivers will love taking this trail due to its accessibility and adventure.

  • As one of the premier 4X4 auto shops in Moab, we often have people stop by our shop to ask for off-roading tips. This being the off-roading capital of the world, plenty of people also ask us to share any southern Utah trail maps or other resources we have.

  • If you’re looking to build your off-roading skills, then you need to look beyond the popular trails in Moab. Other lesser-known trails will give you a chance to practice and get better. Here at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we organize Southern Utah trail rides for just this reason. We like to mix up participants so that those who are just starting out can learn from more experienced off-roaders.

  • How To Off Road With A Manual Transmission

  • The off-roading trails in Moab always deliver, depending on what you’re looking for. If you want an adrenalin-filled day, then some of the popular trails in Moab will satisfy that craving. However, if you are looking for some mild off-roading to hone your skills, then you should look at some of the less popular, but still interesting trails.

    One such trail that delivers some mild off-roading challenges and fantastic scenery is the Seven Mile Rim trail.

  • Spend a lot of time off-roading or exploring different rugged terrains and you’ll inevitably get stuck at some point. One day you may get bogged down in mud or meet your match in form of a boulder that you can’t crawl over. When this happens, you’ll realize how invaluable a winch is. This tool can make all the difference between making it home for dinner or spending the night out in the middle of nowhere.