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  • There are plenty of fantastic off-roading trails in Moab and they continue to draw huge crowds of enthusiastic off-roaders every year. Why wouldn’t they come? With great weather, a wide array of 4x4 trails, and an amazing off-roading culture, Moab is the perfect place for those who want to pit their rigs against tough terrain.

  • Whenever you head off-road there’s always a chance that things will go wrong. Maybe you’ve just gotten your custom truck and want to show off a little. So you head out to the trails, wanting to put it through its paces and things don’t go according to plan and your 4x4 ends up in a tricky position.

  • Moab is the undisputed off-roading Mecca and for good reason. Among the most popular trails in Moab, you are guaranteed to find some that are to your liking, whether you’re a novice or experienced off-roader.

  • Thanks to our prime location in Moab Utah, we are just a few miles away from off-roading adventure. This means we can indulge our rock crawling cravings any time we like. The other good thing is that we get to meet and interact with lots of visitors who troop to the southwest to enjoy some of the finest trails that Moab has to offer.

  • If you’re looking for prime camping locations, then Utah is guaranteed to deliver. With major national parks, several state parks, and plenty of other natural areas, you’re sure to get a location that suits your needs.

    If you’re like us at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, then you like to add a little adventure to your off-roading trips by camping out. There’s something magical about spending a night out in the great outdoors after spending a day on the trails.

  • Moab is famous for its popular off-roading trails. Living here means that you have plenty of opportunities to check out most of these trails for yourself.

  • Nothing beats spending time outdoors exploring great destinations while testing your courage, resourcefulness and endurance, and limitations. There’s something incredibly liberating about leaving civilization behind and heading to the wild.

    Whether you’re an avid off-roader who lives for the thrills of rugged trails or you’re an overlander who loves nothing more than traveling, adventure, and discovering the world, you’ll need to think about how to keep yourself fed throughout your trip.

  • Not all the popular off-roading trails in Moab are meant for hardcore off-roading. Some are perfectly suited for leisurely scenic drives where you get to relax and appreciate nature and the beautiful southwestern setting. Such trails are ideal for winding down after a hectic week.

    Today’s trail highlight focuses on one such trail: Cameo Cliffs.

  • Not all people come to Moab to experience the scenery. Quite a lot of them make the trip to try out some of the popular Moab trails. At some point, even the toughest machine will eventually break down when pitted against some of the roughest gnarliest trails out there.

  • Moab is famous for its off-roading trails and the beautiful red desert scenery. You might get lucky and combine the two, depending on the trail that you choose. Thankfully, not all trails in Moab are designed for rough off-roading. Some deliver a more relaxed ride as you and your passengers take in the views and scenery.