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  • Moab is known as the off-roading Mecca, drawing in hundreds of avid off-roaders annually. We not only have some of the best off-roading trails in the world, but also some of the best campsites. In fact, whenever customers come to our auto shop asking for recommendations on the best campsites around, we often joke that the real challenge is picking just one out of the many spectacular ones available.

  • Moab and the surrounding area is a place of great natural beauty. The red rocks and desert-like landscape make this area ideal for all kinds of off-roading fun. When you sign up for one of Dixie 4 Wheel Drive’s Southern Utah trail rides, you get the chance to experience off-roading in this incredible environment. What’s more, you’ll get a chance to practice rock crawling on the slickrock that’s prominent in this area as well as driving on sand- sometimes both at the same time.

  • With prime locations at both Moab and St. George in Utah, Dixie 4 Wheel Drive is right in the middle of off-roading action. Being the premier off-roading auto shop in these locations means that we get to meet plenty of clients who have traveled to the southwest to enjoy some of our off-roading trails. One of the most popular locations for avid off-roaders is Sand Hollow State Park.

  • As the premier auto-shop in Moab, we at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive have encountered lots of customers who are curious about the trails in this corner of the country.

  • We all love new things and new trails are no different. Southwest Utah is home to some of the best off-roading trails in the country and though we love the old trails, it’s always great to add some new ones.

    New trails are often added to give off-roaders new obstacles to explore and challenges to overcome. Sometimes, they are also added to get people to visit new, interesting locations and we in the southwest have lots of those.

  • Moab, Utah is often referred to as America’s Off-Road Capital for good reason. Firstly, there are lots of trails both in and around Moab, suitable for all kinds of drivers from novices to experienced ones. These trails range from scenic drives to heart-dropping, machine-wrecking ones rated 8 or 9 and even those rated 10 that are only suitable for buggies. Most of these trail surfaces will have you driving over slickrock which gives adequate traction to enable rock crawling feats of all kinds.

  • There’s a lot more to our corner of the country than awesome trails. When you visit the southwest, you’ll get to immerse yourself in culture and even get a glimpse of the past. We have several historic sites including rock art dating back several centuries, dinosaur tracks and even historic buildings.

  • As the holiday season comes to an end, off-roading enthusiasts have something to look forward to- the Winter 4x4 Jamboree 2020.

    There are few events that we at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive look forward to as much as the Winter 4x4 Jamboree. This annual event draws hordes of people from across the country to come get a taste of the world-class off-roading trails in the southwest.

  • This being the holidays, we at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive are expecting lots of avid off-roaders to make the trip to the southwest to enjoy some of the amazing off-roading trails we have. We’ve seen an upsurge in the number of people interested in exploring the different trails in this corner of the country and we love it!

  • There’s a lot more to our corner of the state than the fantastic scenery and the thriving off-roading culture. This part of Utah is also steeped in history. When you visit the southwest to do some off-roading on one of our trails, take some time to also learn some history about the area. You can visit any of the historic sites, go dinosaur-track hunting or even make a game of spotting some of the numerous petroglyphs in the area. Don’t just confine yourself to the trails.