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  • Owning a 4x4 truck can be both wonderfully rewarding and painfully stressful, despite their many positive selling points, they often have a very poor fuel economy. Getting just a few miles per gallon (MPG) can add considerable fees onto your average monthly spend, as you'll need to fork out for more gas than ever thanks to your truck's inefficiency.

  • Driving on dry pavement or highways with a 4x4 vehicle (especially while the center diff-lock is switched on) is always a bad idea. You should aim to never take your 4x4 out on the dry pavement, as four-wheel drive simply isn't suited to such a surface, and this can increase the risk and danger while you're on the road. 

  • The joy of driving an SUV or a truck is looking bigger and meaner. Big is always better when it comes to offroad capabilities, rough terrains, and heavy loads. Want to know more? Embark on this journey and find out more about different types of modifications for your truck. They include:

    • Shock Upgrades

    • Exhaust upgrades and modifications

    • Tire Upgrades

  • Without a doubt, the light truck segment of the new vehicle market sees the most dollars spent on accessories. Truck owners like to put their own personal stamp on their rides, whether it's functional, like side steps or tonneau covers, or purely decorative, like striping and chrome fuel-cap doors.

  • While Moab can boast of some of the most popular trails in Utah, St. George can brag about having the most numerous and diverse. The trails that run from St. George appeal to all types of off-roaders whether you have decades of experience or just got into it. They run the gamut from easy to difficult with plenty of variety in between.

  • Not all off-roading trails have to do with navigating obstacles. Some are steeped in the rich history of this corner of our country. These give a fascinating glimpse into how people lived in the past and remind us how far we’ve come.

  • St. George, Utah has enough trails to rival Moab. Some of these trails are not as popular as the ones in Moab but this isn’t a bad thing. It simply means that those looking for relaxing scenic rides away from the crowds can have their pick of St. George trails. There are enough trails in this corner of Utah to suit everyone, from novice four-wheelers to more experienced ones.

  • Donations help the Red Rock 4-Wheelers’ Multiple Use Defense (MUD) FUND and defend our trails and access rights.

    Contribute to the MUD Fund and receive a ticket to the drawing for a NEW Jeep Wrangler Rubicon JL 4xe

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  • This would be a great time to organize a ride for your crew so they can qualify to win cool prizes while getting out and seeing Sand Hollow.

    Your crew can hunt NOW through Saturday, October 9th at 3:00 pm