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  • The great thing about off-roading in Moab is that you have the option of choosing between a variety of off-roading trails ranging from the easiest to the toughest. Some of the trails that offer the most fun aren’t even ranked among the most famous trails in Moab.

  • When we first saw the Rubicon 392 concept vehicle we were excited. It had all the gadgets and toys we felt were needed to make it an off-roading monster. So you can imagine how exhilarated we were when Jeep announced that they were officially moving the vehicle to production. That is the kind of good news we’ve been craving for a while.

  • When people come to Moab for off-roading, they often want to test out their rigs on the toughest trails around. These are the trails that put Moab on the map. As one of the leading 4x4 auto shops and off-roading enthusiasts in Moab, we at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive encourage people to explore and discover this wild part of our country.

  • The announcement that Ford were reincarnating the Bronco after almost 25 years caught many of us by surprise. Then the excitement set in. This news meant that the battle for America’s avid off-roader’s hearts had heated up.

    The Jeep Wrangler is hands down the leader in the rugged, off-road-ready SUV market so Bronco already has its work cut out. Is Bronco a worthy competitor for the Wrangler? Will the newly designed 2021 Ford Bronco win over hearts and give the Wrangler a run for its money?

  • We love encouraging avid off-roaders to take part in the different events that help them explore the various trails that Southern Utah has to offer. One of the biggest off-roading events is the Winter 4X4 Jamboree. To make things more interesting, the event covers a variety of off-roading trails, not just the most popular ones in Moab.

  • When it comes to off-roading in Moab, there are some popular trails on everyone’s “Must Do” list. These vary in rating and challenges but they have become so popular over the years that avid off-roaders feel that they just have to try to test their rigs on the trails.

    One such trail is the Poison Spider Mesa trail.

  • Recently, Dixie 4 Wheel Drive was announced as the TORA Retailer of the Year 2020.

    To say we are thrilled would be an understatement. We are honored and blown away by being the recipients of such a prestigious award and having our work recognized alongside other giants of the industry who we’ve long looked up to. We are truly thankful to TORA for this recognition as well as our wonderful customers who have made this achievement possible.

  • Not all trails in Moab make it to the popular list. Some are less famous but just as exciting with enough challenges to keep any avid off-roader happy. During our Southern Utah trail rides, we try and include some of these trails so that people can experience them alongside the more popular ones.