The Best Truck Tune Ups & Upgrades For The Hunting Season

Hunting season is almost here again and we know you’re chomping at the bit to get to the woods and start hauling in those trophies. Whether you’re hunting elk, deer, moose or birds, you need to have the right equipment ranging from bows, arrows, rifles, and ammo. Camo clothing and camping gear are also some hunting must-haves.

You’re probably giving all this hunting gear a good dust down in preparation for the start of the season but aren’t you forgetting something? How about your trusty truck? Is it in top condition and up to the task of getting you to the woods and back? You might think that your custom-built truck is ready to go but the only way to be sure is to do some tune-ups and add a few more essential upgrades.

Hunting Season Truck Tune Ups

Here’s what you should pay attention to when getting your truck ready to head out into the wild:

  • Battery Check Up

When you’re all geared up for the hunt, the last thing you want is a dead battery slowing you down. If you notice your battery is slow to start up or requires frequent recharging, perhaps it’s time to replace it. Batteries also act up when the temperatures drop so check that yours is in perfect condition.

  • Brake Tune Up

Along with the battery, you should check that your brakes are in good working condition. You have enough to worry about in the wilderness without adding failing brakes to the list. You can bring your truck to one of Dixie 4 Wheel Drive’s auto shops and let one of our 4×4 truck specialists take a look to ensure you’re ready to go.

  • Fluid Checks

Also, check your fluid levels before you head out. Ensure all the essential ones are topped off including oil, brake fluid, coolant, windshield washer, and the transmission fluid to ensure you have no unpleasant surprises.

  • Tire Upgrades

When you’re out hunting, you’ll be doing a lot of off-roading so make sure your tires can handle tough terrain. Check you have adequate tire tread as well as tire pressure for optimal gas mileage. Fit your truck with a good set of mud or winter tires, depending on where you’ll be hunting and always pack a spare tire or two.

  • Lighting

The woods can get surprisingly dark at night so check that your headlights and any other auxiliary lights you have are working well to provide the illumination you need to tackle forest roads at night.

Truck Upgrades for Hunting Season

Now that you know what tune-ups are required to get your 4×4 ready for the hunt, it’s time to see which truck upgrades and modifications you’ll need to throw on to transform your ride into a formidable hunting rig.

  • Front-end grille guards

Your truck might be tough but it doesn’t hurt to have an extra level of robustness when driving in the wilderness. That’s where a front-end grille comes in handy because it’s designed to protect the front part of your vehicle from possible impact with wild animals, brush, undergrowth, and other debris.

Front grille guards are available in different strengths and your choice depends on the environment where you’ll be doing your hunting as well as the kind of game you’re after.

  • A tonneau cover

To keep your truck bed from being exposed to extreme weather, you need to look into installing a tonneau cover. The cover will also protect your hunting gear, keeping it safe from rain or snow.

You have a choice of soft and flexible tonneau covers which can be retracted, folded or rolled up or hard covers which, although more expensive, are more secure and last longer.

  • Upgraded off-road lights

You can’t always count on the full moon to light your way during hunting season. That’s why it’s imperative to have adequate illumination to help you find your way out of the woods or help you see when dragging your trophy back to the track.

You can choose between energy-saving LEDs, bar light systems or halogen spotlights as long as your truck has a set of superior off-road lights.

  • Winter tires and chains

If you’re going for late fall or winter hunts on snow or ice, you’ll need some winter tires and chains. Make sure you know how to put on the tire chains because they won’t be much help just sitting in your truck when you need them. In addition to the chains, you also need to get some bungee cords and chain tensioners to keep the chains nice and tight and to prevent them from smacking against your fenders as you drive.

  • Truck utility winches

A truck winch is one of those accessories that you never know the value of until you really need it. Having one on your truck can make all the difference between getting home with your trophy or spending a night in the wild. There’s a wide range of winches available varying by cost or pulling capacity so make a point of investing in one this season.

  • Truck bed storage boxes

Hunting is a messy job so there’s no need to complicate it further by having a disorganized truck bed. Clear out the bed, give it a good wash, install a bed liner or tarp then select some storage boxes that fit in the rear of your truck. This way, you can stow away all your hunting gear and emergency items so you can easily grab them when needed.

  • An emergency off-road kit

Speaking of emergency items, no hunter should leave home without an emergency kit. This should contain a first aid kit, some road flares, an emergency blanket, clean drinking water and some non-perishable snacks. You can also jumper cables and jump starters, a basic toolbox, tow straps, a shovel, torch and a radio or some other means of communication.

Don’t allow your hunt to be ruined by vehicle issues. Ensure your truck is tuned up and upgraded for the hunting season.

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